What to do in Amsterdam during Corona?

What to do in Amsterdam during Corona?

What to do in Amsterdam during Corona? Are you visiting Amsterdam during the coronavirus period? Good news! From the 1st of June we can finally do fun activities again. Now that is is time to enjoy activities again, we made a list of the best, most exciting, creative and fun outings for you.

Go on a boat

Wondering what to do in Amsterdam during Corona? Amsterdam is of exceptional beauty from the water. Rent a boat and cruise the Amsterdam canals yourself. In the city you will find various rental companies, where you can rent a variety of boats, from sloop to boat with captain. In this article we have prepared a list of companies where you can rent a boat!

Rent a sub

Supping stands for Stand Up Paddleboarding. Stand Up Paddleboarding has been in the shadow of surfing for a long time, but the rebirth of Stand Up Paddleboarding has begun. This activity is super fun, sporty and relaxing at the same time! Curious about paddleboarding and where to rent a sub? Read this!

Go on a tour!

While in Amsterdam, you can choose from a lot of unique and fun tours. Think of a bicycle tour through the city or visit the suburbs of Amsterdam. In this article we listed a couple of nice tours.

Canal cruising

When it comes to building a creative and exciting tour around a city like Amsterdam, knowing where to start can be tough. One of the best ways to see the finest parts of the finest city, though, is to make your way through the canal cruise system. Therefore you can book a one-hour tour here. One thing that you will find is that this one-hour sightseeing trip will make sure you can spot major landmarks, all complete with audio commentary in 19 different languages. An hour-long tour will make sure you can get a lot of information in that time, making sure that you head back to land with a greater grasping and understanding of what makes the Amsterdam canal system so special.


The doors of many museums will be open again from the 1st of June. At certain museums, different opening times and conditions of admission may apply than those stated on this website. Below we will list a couple of fun museums to visit during Corona.

Body Worlds

In the Body Worlds anatomy museum you make a wonderful journey through the human body. You will discover what makes us happy and what the effect of this is on health. A fun and educational day out.

Address: Damrak 66, 1012 LM Amsterdam 

Heineken Experience

Is if don’t know what to do in Amsterdam during Corona, this is a nice museum to go to. Heineken Experience is a museum about the Heineken beer brand and the brewery, located in the former Heineken Brewery in Amsterdam. The museum provides an insight into the history of the beer brewer and the brewing process over the years. Visitors to the museum are given an interactive multi-media tour. They also receive two drinks in the museum cafes. The Heineken Experience is located on the Stadhouderskade in Amsterdam South.

Address: Stadhouderskade 78, 1072 AE Amsterdam


This museum is located in a beautiful building in the East of Amsterdam and is all about different kind of word cultures. The Tropenmuseum has exhibitions that are known worldwide for their quality and size. The museum covers the most diverse topics such as the origins of R&B and Hip-Hop, past and present trends in body art, and a behind-the-scenes look at the iconic photographs of National Geographic.

Address: Linnaeusstraat 2, 1092 CK Amsterdam

Het Scheepvaartsmuseum

The National Maritime Museum is located in the building of the former ‘s Lands Zeemagazijn. The building dates from 1656 and served as a warehouse for the Amsterdam predecessor of the navy: the admiralty. Originating from the Golden Age, the warehouse is an example of Amsterdam’s prosperity as the largest port in the world at that time. Even in 2017, the building is still very impressive. The boat next to the national monument already betrays what the museum focuses on: shipping. The characteristic building shows 500 years of maritime history.

Address: Kattenburgerplein 1, 1018 KK Amsterdam

Van Gogh Museum

The Van Gogh Museum has the world’s largest collection of paintings, drawings and letters by the famous Dutch painter Vincent Van Gogh. This influential artist probably needs no introduction, as his vast collection of works includes some of the best known in the history of modern art. A visit to the Van Gogh Museum is an essential part of your experience in Amsterdam. Enjoy a leisurely afternoon admiring Van Gogh’s beautiful paintings and learning about the fascinating history of this world-renowned artist.

Address: Museumplein 6, 1071 DJ Amsterdam


Still don’t know what to do in Amsterdam during Corona? Go to Micropia. The Micropia is part of Artis (the Amsterdam Zoo) and is a science museum in where the public can become acquainted with microscopic organisms. It shows the usefulness of invisible, microscopic life: bacteria, viruses, algae and fungi.

Address: Plantage Kerklaan 38-40, 1018 CZ Amsterdam

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