Best sneakerstores in Amsterdam

Best sneakerstores in Amsterdam

Looking for the Best sneakerstores in Amsterdam? Amsterdam is increasingly becoming a mecca for die-hard collectors and casual sneaker enthusiasts. Therefore we listed the five best sneaker shops in the capital; the hotspots where you are guaranteed to walk out with the best sneakers.


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  1. Best sneaker stores in Amsterdam: Sunika

Searching for a unique sneaker place? Then Sunika is where you have to be.
Sunika is the place in Amsterdam for your dose of Japanese couture. What’s in a name, because “sunika” is simply Japanese for “sneaker”. In this fairly small shop on Bilderdijkstraat you will find something different than Air Max 1s and Yeezy’s. Sunika is known for their extensive range of more unconventional brands, such as Karhu and Saucon.

Where? Bilderdijkstraat 102 HS


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  1. SoleBox

The SoleBox laboratory on the Nieuwezijdese Voorburgwal is actually a must-visit for every sneaker enthusiast. Think test tubes, microscopes and personnel in white hazard suites. What completes it all: the white smoke hanging at the top of the lab. Solebox is known anyway for its beautiful shops in Berlin, Vienna and Brussels, but the Amsterdam store is truly unique. During the opening of this store some enthusiastics stayed in front of the door for 6 days for this exclusive store. Our advice? Go visit it!

Where? Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal


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  1. Baskèts

Are you looking for beautiful clothing and special sneakers? Then you are at the right place at Baskèts in Amsterdam. This is one of the Best sneakerstores in Amsterdam and has this two stores.

Where? Elandsgracht 57-59 & Gerard Doustraat 96


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  1. Patta

When you talk about sneakers, you shouldn’t forget Patta. Patta, on the Zeedijk, has grown into a phenomenon in the (inter-) national sneaker world in less than ten years. After exclusive collaborations with, among others, Nike, Carhartt, Daily Paper, Mizuno, Dekmantel Festival and Vans, nowadays there is often a line at the door. This shop in the “Chinatown” of Amsterdam is simply worth a visit.

Where? Zeedijk 67


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  1. No boys allowed

As the name says, this store is only for women. At No Boys Allowed they only sell sneakers for women. Although that is often the other way around, this is really the place where you as a woman can look for your dream sneaker!

Where? Prinsestraat 104


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  1. ETQ

This is a modern and minimalist clothing and sneaker shop that you must have visited. The look of this store continues in the designs of the sneakers – or vice versa. In the line of Filling Pieces and Unrecorded, ETQ is one of the favorite high-end sneaker brands. It is all pricey: the average shoe goes for 250 euros on the designer counter. But: if you are near the Rembrandtplein you cannot skip this store. 

Where? Singel 465

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