Stripclubs in Amsterdam

Stripclubs in Amsterdam

Stripclubs in Amsterdam

When you arrive in Amsterdam, the city’s embrace of diversity, open-mindedness, and freedom is immediately evident, especially when it comes to nightlife and entertainment. The Dutch capital has always been renowned for its liberal ethos and progressive attitudes, especially in areas related to adult entertainment like strip clubs. This vibrant city, steeped in history, has merged its past with the present, creating a unique environment that beckons tourists with an eclectic mix of offerings.

Venturing through the city’s narrow alleys and alongside its tranquil canals, one can sense the pulsating energy of Amsterdam’s nightlife just around the corner. If you’re the adventurous type, keen to explore the city’s vivacious side, you might find yourself pondering a visit to one of its renowned striptease clubs.

Striptease clubs in Amsterdam stand out not just for their allure but also for their world-class standards. These establishments pride themselves on providing top-tier entertainment, ensuring that visitors are both comfortable and mesmerized. Such clubs have become an integral part of Amsterdam’s vibrant party scene, drawing both locals and tourists alike.

While many visitors come to the city with a list of landmarks to visit, quite a few also have the city’s strip clubs on their itinerary, eager to experience Amsterdam’s more risqué side. One might think that the abundance of these clubs would make choosing one a daunting task, but in reality, each has its unique charm, vibe, and specialties, catering to a diverse array of preferences.

So, if you find yourself in Amsterdam with a spirit for exploration and an open mind, consider visiting one of its famed strip clubs. After all, every corner of this city offers a new story, a new experience, and memories that will last a lifetime.

Where do you start ?

Fear not, though. We have a fine collection of the best stripclubs Amsterdam listed for you below. While there are even more quality clubs than this selection, we’ve picked out some of the clubs that we believe would be essential for you to have plenty of fun.

So, where should you be looking if you want to come in and enjoy some of the finest stripclubs Amsterdam? Where can you go when you want to enjoy an experience like nothing you’ve enjoyed before?


Probably one of the first places we recommend you make your way to would be Bananenbar one of the most famous stripclubs Amsterdam. Now, while you should expect to pay a fair few bucks – with around €60 per head to get in – you will be more or less likely to have a good time. It’s a good place to spend an evening, but don’t expect to get out of here with your wallet full!

While the prices can seem a bit over the top, you will find that the standard of the girls in this part of De Wallen is very much worth the money. If your mean aim is to find a striptease bar in Amsterdam, then this is one of the best places, to begin with.

As we said, though, prepare to spend a fair amount when you head in the door.

Moulin Rouge

If you are looking for a proper sex show that goes on for a while, then you should head on over to the Moulin Rouge. However, this is less audience-oriented and is more like a theatre-style show – albeit with plenty of enjoyable sights to behold.

It’s a fun place to spend an evening, and it does have some good places for you to enjoy yourself. One thing we recommend is that you are ready for the evening as the shows can get pretty hot. Without the same level of interaction as other places, though, Moulin Rouge is recommended mostly for those who are looking for a good time without getting involved.

If your main aim is to find some awesome views to take in, then you should find that this is more or less the perfect place to start. It’s great for making sure you can just settle in, too, without feeling as if you are going to have to get involved.

Sex Palace Peep Show

This is a proper sex show, not just a striptease. It’s pretty intense and erotic, so only come here if you are looking for something VERY erotic. The actual shows will be couples enjoying full-on sex in front of the audience. You insert some money into the show and you then pay per minute to watch on and enjoy the show. The performers will switch around on a regular basis, so if you stick around for half an hour you will see around three different groups of people.

You can enjoy the show and you can also get a private booth with the performer(s) if you so choose. It might seem a bit over the top, but a lot of the fun that you can get in here is unlike anything you will find elsewhere in the city. So, if you are feeling rather adventurous, it would definitely up on the list of things to come and try out.

Stripclub BonTon Amsterdam

Number One Stripclubs Amsterdam we recommend that you check out if you want a proper strip club is to head on over to BonTon. This amazing club is one of the best places to come when you want a high-octane night with plenty of fun going on.

The girls are amazing, and there really is no shortage at all of the beautiful people to pick from. The staff is super-friendly. And the quality of the entertainment on offer means that you should feel at home.

If part of the fun of coming to a bar like this for you will be getting to meet up and mingle with the staff, you should have no problem at all in settling in here for the evening. With so much to do and so much to see, you’ll find your biggest problem is running out of time to enjoy it all!

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La Vie en Proost one of the most famous  stripclubs in Amsterdam

If you are looking for a tremendous evening in the Red Light District, be sure to hit up La Vie en Proost. This amazing little bar is right smack-bang in the middle of the RLD. The neon signs and the exciting exterior means that it should catch your eye.

The lap dance bar that you find here has all manner of girls waiting for you. From topless dancers to gogo dancers, you will have a problem choosing what view you find the most satisfying.

It’s priced very well so you should have a little issue getting in. And the cost of the refreshments is very much fair. If you are in the local area and want to have plenty of fun, you will find that this topless lap dance bar is exactly right.

To which strip clubs can you go to the Red Light District in Amsterdam?

The Red light district is a unique place. Many people have heard about it before they visited Amsterdam. Here you can find women in brothels and behind red-lighted windows. You will also see a lot of sex shops, sex museums, and sex clubs in Amsterdam. Many people go to the Red Light District to look for paid love. The atmosphere in the Red Light District is very laid back compared to other districts like this in the world. You can decide to wander around here on your own or you can do so with a guided tour.

If you have a guide to the Red Light District in Amsterdam, he will tell you all the secrets of the prostitutes and learn how this district works. Do you like going to strip clubs? There are two very famous ones in Amsterdam: La Vie en Proost and La Vie Deux. La Vie en Proost is situated close to the Oude Kerk and lies in a narrow alley. The strip club has gogo girls, lap dancers, and topless girls. There are also girls dancing around poles on the bar while you sip on your drink.

What is Amsterdam its most exclusive sex club?

Is a sex club in Amsterdam more what you were looking for? Go to the Elvee sex club, they have exciting girls lined up for you to party with. It is a very trendy and exclusive sex club in Amsterdam. Here you can enjoy a glass of champagne in a whirlpool with a hot girl next to you.

Where to go clubbing in Amsterdam

There are many clubs in Amsterdam to choose from and now we don’t mean stripclubs Amsterdam. All those clubs are also quite different from each other but are still very entertaining. The atmosphere in clubs in Amsterdam is mostly relaxed. Remember that when you go clubbing in Amsterdam, it might happen that some clubs have a dress code. These are the most popular clubs in Amsterdam now:

  • Jimmy Woo
  • Paradiso
  • Powerzone
  • Flex Bar
  • Escape
  • Bitterzoet
  • Club home
  • Melkweg
  • Panama
  • WesterUnie


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