Sale Shopping in Amsterdam

Sale Shopping in Amsterdam

When does the sale start?

The sale takes place at least twice a year at most fashion stores. The most popular is the wintersale, especially because the wintersale partly coincides with holidays such as Christmas and New Year’s Eve. The wintersale gives you the chance to complete your winter wardrobe just before the coldest months of the year start. The annual wintersale always takes place in the same period.

Sale months in Amsterdam: Wintersale

Most stores start the wintersale in the month of December and sales continue to last up to and including January. Very many fashion stores start the day after Christmas with the sale, or December 27. But also a considerable part of the winter start earlier in December. Stores stop the sale when they have reached their goal of selling the old collection. This moment will usually be reached at the end of January 2019. Sometimes the wintersale continues until the month of February.

Sale up to 70%

The discount on fashion, shoes and other clothing during the wintersale is approximately between 20 and 70 percent. Stores often start with lower discounts, after which the most popular fashion and clothing items are often sold first. The longer an item of clothing remains unsold, the higher the discount will be increased. As soon as most of the old collection has been sold, the stores really want to sell the remaining pieces. Sometimes the discount can go up to no less than seventy percent or even higher.

Sale shopping in Amsterdam: Summersale

During the summer sale, all summer collections go on sale and you pay much less for your fashion purchases. The summer sale is around the same period each year so you can already adjust to this.

Start of the summersale in Amsterdam

For the Dutch stores there is no fixed period within which the summer sale must take place, it is up to the store chains themselves when they start and end with it. This means that the summer sale starts differently for each store chain, so you have to be careful not to miss the sale of your favorite fashion store. It is, however, possible to indicate approximately when the summer sale starts. All stores start with the summer sale in the month of June or the month of July of 2019. The summer sale at some stores only ends in August or even September.

Sale up to 80%

Every fashion chain decides for themselves how much discount they give, there is no fixed discount percentage during the summer sale. It is therefore up to the consumer to determine what the good and less good offers are. As a rule you can count on a discount of at least 20% and a maximum of 80%. Often the stores start with a somewhat lower discount and they continue to increase as the most popular items are sold out.

Other Sale periods of shops in Amsterdam

Next to the winter- and summersale, there are a number of other sale periods in the Netherlands.

Black Friday Sale

The Black Friday Sale will be held every year on the day after Thanksgiving Day, an American holiday. Thanksgiving Day falls on the fourth Thursday of November each year and the Black Friday Sale therefore falls on the fourth Friday of November. In 2019, the Black Friday Sale therefore falls on Friday, November 29, 2019.

Cyber Monday Sale

Cyber Monday falls on the Monday following Black Friday every year. The Black Friday sale day is on the Friday after Thanksgiving Day, which in turn is the fourth Thursday of November. You could sum it up to the fact that Cyber Monday falls on the Monday after the fourth Thursday of November. In practice this is always the end of November or the beginning of December. In 2019, Cyber Monday falls on Monday, December 2, 2019.

Mid Season Sale

What makes the Mid Season Sale so special compared to other sales periods is that this sale always takes place twice a year, namely in the spring and in the fall. Roughly the following dates can be used:
Mid Season Sale spring: March, April and May
Mid Season Sale fall: September and October

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