Amsterdam beach

Amsterdam beach

Do you want to escape the bustle of Amsterdam? Both in winter and in summer it is nice to visit Amsterdam beach! The former Zandvoort has a lot to offer. In the winter you can take a nice walk on the beach and end up with hot chocolate with whipped cream. Or enjoy a nice dinner while watching the sunset!

Amsterdam beach in the summer

In the summer you of course have even more options when you visiting the beach area. You can take a long walk… play some soccer on the beach. Are you hot? Go for a swim in the sea!

The dunes

If you visit the beach area, you can also opt for a walk through the dunes! The area is beautiful and you can choose from one of the many walking routes!


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Do you feel like shopping? That is also possible in the beach area. The most important shopping streets are Kerkstraat and Haltestraat; You can find terraces on Kerkplein and of course at the sea at one of the many beach pavilions. The number of stores is small but nice: from super nice shoe stores to wonderful Ibiza-style stores and nice swimwear, Amsterdam Beach has it.

Amsterdam Beach Circuit

Amsterdam Beach also has its own circuit for car races! The Zandvoort Circuit has been found in the Zandvoorste dunes for more than 65 years. In 2020 the Dutch Grand Prix will be driven on the Circuit of Zandvoort. This means that Formula 1 is back in Zandvoort after 35 years. The event is very popular, so if you are interested get your tickets and information soon here.

Amsterdam beach: the place to be

Amsterdam beach is so surprisingly fun that you may not have enough for one day. So many special shops, beautiful dunes and the beach, you naturally want to see that! Maybe it’s a good idea to also book an overnight stay in Amsterdam Beach, so you can relax after your beach and shopping day and set off again in good spirits the next day! There are many nice hotels in Zandvoort, so there is plenty of choice.

The advantages visiting Amsterdam beach:

  • A beautiful beach: more than 5 km long
  • Lots op beach pavilions to chill, eat & drink!
  • Ibiza-style stores and nice swimwear
  • It has its own circuit
  • Close to Amsterdam
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