Travelling solo in Amsterdam

Travelling solo in Amsterdam

Travelling solo in Amsterdam: a nightmare for some, a great adventure for others. More and more people are choosing to travel alone for example during a gap year. Amsterdam is also a great destination to travel to alone. In this article you can read what alone travelling to Amsterdam is like and how to best deal with this.

Where to sleep when you travelling solo in Amsterdam?

If you are traveling alone, it is wise to book an accommodation where you can easily make contact with other guests. A good example of this is the Amsterdam Volkshotel. This is a well-known hotel designed in such a way that you can contact other guests more quickly. There are also a lot of activities, where you can meet a lot of new people. Other great options are hostels, because many people who travel alone stay in hostels.


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How to move around in Amsterdam?

Travelling solo in Amsterdam means that you can invent things yourself. The best way to get around in Amsterdam is by bike or by public transport. Also there is nothing wrong with walking, as you take in all the details of the city this way. If you pay attention, you will come across all kinds of nice alleys that you would otherwise never have noticed. 

Other tips for travelling solo in Amsterdam

Let others know where you are

You don’t have to tell your friends and family what you are going to do every day. But do keep them informed about where you are. For example, tell them what you are planning to do. And when you plan to travel further. Not only is this useful in an emergency, but it’s also fun! This way, the home front can also enjoy your adventure a bit.

Store your belongings well

In any case, it is important to pay close attention to your belongings when you travel. In many large cities there are pickpockets. When you travel alone, it is even more important to pay attention. Because if something is stolen, there is not always someone you can borrow something from. So put an old-fashioned money belt and a lock for your suitcase on your packing list! It is also useful not to keep all your important belongings together. For example, keep some cash separate from your debit card. This way you will not immediately run out of money when your debit card is gone.

Find friends

Travelling solo in Amsterdam is great, but if you are away for a longer period of time, it is nice to have a buddy. Fortunately, it is very easy to make friends while traveling! Many people who travel alone stay in hostels. These are often also students who are open to new travel buddies. So don’t be too shy! Are you more likely to book a hotel? Here we listed the top boutique hotels of Amsterdam.

Do whatever you want

The great thing about traveling alone is that you can go your own way. Do you want to relax all day tomorrow? Or do you want to have a really active day? Do it! At home we often take very much into account what others want to do. This is okay, but it gives a lot of freedom if you don’t have to do this once.

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