Amsterdam transportation from airport

Amsterdam transportation from airport

How to get in the centre of Amsterdam: transportation from the airport

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol is located 18km of the city. The airport has an underground train station inside. From here you can take a train to Amsterdam Central Station. These trains run 8 times an hour and bring you to Central Station in about 15 minutes. The signs above the escalators show the timetables of the trains that depart from that platform. You can buy a ticket for this train ride at the ticket machines. These machines can be set in English and they accept credit cards. Otherwise you can visit the ticket counter and pay with cash. Don’t forget to activate your ticket at one of the card readers. Also don’t buy a return ticket unless you are planning to use it on the same day.

Other transportation from the airport to Amsterdam centre

Right outside you can find taxi’s. Take in mind that taxi’s in Amsterdam are very expensive and a ride from Amsterdam Airport Schiphol can cost you around €40,-. If you are familiar with Uber, you can use it in Amsterdam too since it is legal. Use the Uber app to order a taxi that can pick you up at the airport.

How to get around in Amsterdam with public transport

In the Netherlands people make use of the OV Chipkaart. This card is similar to the Oyster Card in London or the Octopus in Hong Kong. If you have used these cards before, you will be familiar with a system like this. The OV Chipkaart does not allow two people to travel on the same card, every person needs to have their own card. You can purchase this transportation card to travel around Amsterdam at a counter on the station or the device at the station. The Amsterdam transport is very reliable and the system includes trams, buses, underground metro and ferries.

Travel throughout Amsterdam with a transportation card

The use of ferries is free of charge in Amsterdam. These ferries connect Amsterdam-North with the rest of the city. Amsterdam-North is definitely worth visiting too. All the other forms of public transportation require the use of the OV Chipkaart. This card needs to be swiped across a ticket reader when you enter and leave a vehicle. There are different types of OV Chipkaart. You have the anonymous one, a personalized one and even a disposable card. Tourists who are in Amsterdam for a few days are better off with a disposable card. Amsterdam its transport network is reliable and with a single ticket you can travel by tram or bus for one hour.

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