Parking Amsterdam

Parking Amsterdam

Amsterdam Parking: Park & Ride (P+R)

Are you looking for a cheap, almost for free, parking space in Amsterdam? That can be quite difficult. Parking in Amsterdam is almost always very expensive. For parking in the city center of Amsterdam, you will pay €7,50 per hour. Just outside the city center you will pay €6,00 per hour. Further out of the center you will approximately pay €4,50 per hour. Do you want to park for less? We have what you are looking for.

Cheap parking in Amsterdam: just pay €1,- per 24 hours

At the so called P+R, Park and Ride areas, you can park your car for just €1,- per 24 hours! The conditions for this cheap price is only that you will arrive after 10 AM or during the weekend. If you arrive before 10 AM you still pay not so much: then you can park your car for €8,- per 24 hours. At the P+R areas you can park your car for a maximum of 4 days. The only thing that you have to do to get those rates is to travel from the P+R area by public transport (OV) to the city center.

Parking for just €1,- per 24 hours if you:

  • Travel to the city center by public transport (€5,50 for two return tickets, 2 persons, €6,50 for three return tickets, 3 persons).
  • Your last check in or changeover on your return journey to the P+R must take place in the city center.
  • After entering your parking ticket at the payment machine you must scan your public transport chip card within 1 hour of checking out.

Park and Ride Amsterdam: how does P+R work?

  1. Once you enter Amsterdam, drive to one of the many P+R areas close to the city center. Click here for a map of P+R locations. Enter the P+R area and receive a parking ticket, just like in any other garage.
  2. Buy public transport return tickets. *only at P+R Noord you cannot purchase P+R GVB return tickets.
  3. Travel to the city center of Amsterdam. Check-in with your ticket.
  4. Return to the P+R area from the city center. *Do not forget that your last check in or changeover must take place in the city centre area.
  5. Back in the PR parking garage: put in your parking ticket, scan your OV (public transport) ticket, and pay just €1,- Payment is possible with your debit or credit card (MasterCard, Visa).

Map of Park and Ride areas (P+R Amsterdam)

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