Amsterdam pubs and bars

Amsterdam pubs and bars

What are the best pubs and bars in Amsterdam for a night out?

Amsterdam is a very popular destination for all ages and tastes. Pubs and bars can be found on every corner in Amsterdam, which means you are never far away from a nice bar. Some bars and pubs in Amsterdam city centre are noteworthy due to their great menus and beautiful locations. In case you are looking for English pubs in Amsterdam, you should try out London Bridge. This pub is located near the central station of Amsterdam. They offer live sports on television, a good selection of beers and are open until late. Other popular pubs in Amsterdam city centre are Molly Malone’s Irish pub, Dophin and Bar Lux. Did you know that you can book a pub crawl in Amsterdam? This pub crawl takes you on a night out in the town and you get one free beer, wine or soda at every location. The tour takes you to 5 pubs and a club.

Which pubs in Amsterdam redlight district are popular?

Not only window shopping is popular in this area, there are also many great bars and pubs here. One of the best visited pubs in Amsterdam its redlight district area is the TonTon Club. In this pub you can find 20 different coin-op arcade machines. The bar serves delicious cocktails, beers and milkshakes with booze. TonTon Club is a place for grown-ups, you won’t find students over here. In the redligt district area you can also find many historic Dutch pubs, called “Bruin cafés”. Go to brewery Brouwerij de Prael if you want to try a tasty craft beer.

The best beer pubs in Amsterdam and where to find them

Wandering around in Amsterdam might get you thirsty. If you fancy a good beer, Amsterdam can offer you loads of spot where they serve craft beer. The 10 best beer pubs and bars in Amsterdam are:

  1. Tasting Room Arendsnest
  2. Butcher’s Tears
  3. Bierfabriek
  4. Oedipus Brewery and Taproom
  5. Craft and Draft
  6. Kauffmann
  7. Brouwerij Troost
  8. Brouwerij ‘t Ij
  9. BeerTemple
  10. Brouwerij de Prael

Most of these beer pubs brew their beers on site. Also many of these beer breweries offer guided tours that include tastings with small bites. If the choice gets you all too much, the bartenders can recommend you a beer.

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