Best bars and clubs in Amsterdam

Best bars and clubs in Amsterdam

What are the best clubs in Amsterdam?

Living in Amsterdam also means that you can go to a great party every once in a while. There are so many clubs in Amsterdam, it might be a difficult job to choose the right one. We have selected a few of the best clubs in Amsterdam where you must go to for an amazing night out.

  • Paradiso: Besides bands and artists who perform here, you can also go to Paradiso for a club night. Take a look at the agenda and buy your ticket on time. Paradiso is one of the top 10 bars Amsterdam has to offer.
  • Melkweg: This is a concert hall with live music, but you can visit Melkweg also for a night of clubbing. Bring your friends and have the time of your life.
  • Chicago Social Club: Not only in the weekend, but also every Thursday you can visit the Chicago Social Club and party at the Super Social.
  • Canvas: This is one of the best clubs Amsterdam has to offer. It is located on the highest floor of the Volkshotel. During the day you can sit and enjoy a lunch here, but in the evening this place changes to a cool nightclub with a great view.
  • Depot: If you are a fan of techno and house, go to Depot on Friday or Saturday night.

Where to go for a night drinking in Amsterdam?

In Amsterdam you can find many trendy bars where you can go for a night out drinking with your friends. You even can find cheap bars in Amsterdam if you don’t want to spend much. The best bars and clubs in Amsterdam are located in the city centre. Are you looking for cocktail bars? Amsterdam is home to a few excellent cocktail bars. Go to ‘The Butcher’ and find out where the hidden cocktail bar is. A super trendy cocktail bar is ‘Porem’. Here you definitely need to try the ‘Sergio Ramos Gin Fizz’. Are you searching for cocktail bars in Amsterdam that give you a living room feeling? Go to ‘Vesper Bar’. Here the cocktail menu changes seasonally. These cocktail bars are in many bar guide books about Amsterdam.

The best bars and clubs in Amsterdam

Which places should you visit when you want to have an incredible night out in Amsterdam? Here is a list of the best bars in Amsterdam.

  • TonTon Club West: This place is quite popular amongst grown-ups and it has more than 20 coin-op arcade machines. They also serve beer, milkshakes with booze and fancy cocktails.
  • Waterkant: This is a popular bar along the canals. The bar looks out over a canal and has a large terrace.
  • Kevin Bacon Bar: This bar is located in a hotel and they serve unusual cocktails. Kevin Bacon Bar one of Amsterdam its trendy bars.
  • Ice Bar Amsterdam: One of the coolest places in Amsterdam where everyting is made out of ice, even the glasses you drink out of. Book your visit and enjoy three free drinks.
  • Café Pollux: Here you will feel immediately at home. The atmosphere is very relaxed and the jukebox plays awesome music.
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