The Best Pub in Town

The Best Pub in Town

The Best Pubs in Amsterdam

Without a doubt, one of the best things that you can do when in Amsterdam is going out for a few drinks. This kind of high-intensity city always makes sure that you are left with a very long list of things to go and do. Just like anywhere else in the world, though, most Amsterdam activities are best enjoyed with a drink in your hand and a smile across your face!

One of the many challenges that Amsterdam offers, though, is finding a good pub. It’s purely down to the major variety of pubs in the city – so where should you go if you want to make sure you are left with the perfect pub experience here in Amsterdam?


This awesome Dutch beer bar makes it so easy for you to enjoy a harmonious, wonderful experience. It’s rated as one of the very best bars and pubs across the whole of the city and is the right choice for anyone who really loves their beer. Definitely a fine choice of pub for anyone who wants to sit in a more grandiose, charming section as well: few pubs can offer the same kind of comfortable, welcoming setting.

The Tailor

If you want to enjoy some awesome local beers, some fancy as hell wines and some of the best cocktails you will ever come across, get yourself down to The Tailor. It’s the kind of wonderful bar experience that immediately removes anything like the problems you would have expected finding a bar that can both tailor itself to the quiet drink and to the wild night out. The perfect bar to start – and end – just about any night out that you decide to have in Amsterdam.


One of the best places to come when you just want a bite to eat and a few drinks. Cuddle is easily one of the finest bars and restaurants in the city, and makes it easy to satisfy just about every member of your group. Their wide-open food selections and charming variety of drinks means that, no matter how picky you are, you will be able to find something that suits your palate in this awesome bar.

Of course, Amsterdam is home to many amazing bars and pubs. If you want something that can suit nearly everyone, though, the above options are perfect.

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