Amsterdam nightlife and entertainment

Amsterdam nightlife and entertainment

More information on nightlife and entertainment in Amsterdam

Are you looking for things to do in Amsterdam at night? When it comes to the nightlife in Amsterdam, there are enough pubs, bars and clubs to suit all kinds of tastes. The streets and squares in Amsterdam can get very busy during the evening. Especially the Red Light district area is always packed with large groups of people walking down the streets and staring at the prostitutes behind the red lighted windows. The small cafes that are located nearby are also packed with people.

What is the best nightlife area in Amsterdam?

If you wish to know what the best nightlife bars are, you should join a nightlife crawl in Amsterdam. A nightlife guide takes you and the other tourists to the best Amsterdam nightlife clubs and bars. At each bar or club, you receive a free drink and the duration of the tour is approximately 6 hours. If you wish to visit the nightlife area of Amsterdam on your own, you should go to Rembrandtplein. This square is very busy with many clubs, cafes and cinemas. Another great nightlife area in Amsterdam is around Leidseplein. Here you also can find lots of cafes, restaurants, theatres, cineams, the casino and music centers like Paradiso and Melkweg. These two offer a wide variety of music: pop, rock, rap, dance and big-name brands.So if you wonder where is the best nightlife in Amsterdam, go to Leidseplein and Rembrandtplein.

What are the best nightlife tips in Amsterdam for bachelor parties?

If you want to organize a bachelor party for your friend, Amsterdam can offer you anything you need to make sure your group of friends will have the craziest night of their lives. One of the best nightlife tips for a night out in Amsterdam is visiting the Red Light District. A lot of tourists and groups of people go to this area for a night out and have the best time ever. After all, it is Amsterdam its infamous adult entertainment playground. Make sure you go to the TonTon Club, this is one of the nightclubs in Amsterdam with the best reviews.

What are the best nightclubs in Amsterdam in 2018?

If you want to go on a night out in Amsterdam that does not include the Red Light District and other coffee shops, here is another nightlife guide for Amsterdam. These bars and clubs are about to be the best nightclubs in Amsterdam in 2018.

  • Marktkantine: This former theatre is now a high-quality club in Amsterdam. Inside you can still see the balconies from when the place was a theatre.
  • Chicago Social Club: Located in the city centre and open until 4 in the morning.
  • Canvas: On the seventh floor of the Volkshotel, this club is a great place to get warmed up.
  • NDSM Docklands: A bit further away from the city centre you will find this club. It is a very impressive club, especially when you can see lasers cutting through the air, smoke plumes and hundreds of people having the night of their lives.
  • Jimmy Woo: This is one of the few clubs in Amsterdam that has an international style. Reviews of nightclubs in Amsterdam have shown that this club has a strict door policy. Please do not arrive too undressed if you wish to enter this place. The ceiling of Jimmy Woo is covered by twelve thousand tiny light bulbs, creating a fascinating atmosphere.
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