Amsterdam restaurant guide English

Amsterdam restaurant guide English

Below you can find an Amsterdam restaurant guide in English

Amsterdam is a true heaven for foodies. You can find Michelin-starred restaurants but also other restaurants can offer a piece of culinary art. This year, three restaurants in Amsterdam were awarded a Michelin star: The Duchess, Le Restaurant and the White Room. Amsterdam has now 15 one-star restaurants and four two-star restaurants. It is time to give you an overview of the Michelin star restaurants in Amsterdam. Below you can find an Amsterdam restaurant guide in English. These restaurants can also be found on Tripadvisor.

Two Michelin Star restaurants in Amsterdam

  • Librije’s Zusje: Located at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel, this restaurant owns the two stars for four years in a row now. Chef Sidney Schutte creates the most beautiful and tasteful dishes you can imagine.
  • Ciel Bleu: Since 2008 this restaurant, situated in the Okura hotel, has been the proud owner of the two stars.
  • &Moshik: Formerly knowns as &Samhoud Places, is a fine-dining restaurant in Amsterdam. The restaurant was rewarded two Michelin stars in 2013.
  • Aan de Poel: This restaurant is located on the banks of a small lake called “Poel”, in Amstelveen. This restaurant, with chef Stefan van Sprang, also owns two Michelin stars and is open for lunch and dinner.

1 Michelin star restaurants in Amsterdam

  • The Duchess: This restaurant is located in the former Kasbank and the interior is breathtaking. They received a star this year and it is to be the new hit in town. You can go to the Tearoom for high tea in the morning.
  • Le Restaurant: Last year this restaurant lost its star because they closed their doors. Finally, they opened on a new location in De Pijp and got their Michelin star back.
  • Lastage: The Michelin star is not visible for the visitors, because the chef enjoys to cook delicious and affordable dishes.
  • Vinkeles: On a unique destination in the heart of Amsterdam you can find this exciting restaurant. They have been awarded a Michelin star back in 2009. Come and enjoy Dennis Kuiper his tasteful menu.
  • The Wite Room: This restaurant is owned by Jacob Jan Boerma. He is the man behind the three-Michelin starred restaurant De Leest. The Wite Room was awarded a Michelin star this year.

Other restaurants in Amsterdam that have high ratings

This guide to restaurants in Amsterdam also includes other restaurants in Amsterdam that are rated very high. On Tripadvisor, the following restaurants rank very high:

  • De Silveren Spiegel
  • La Rive
  • Blue Pepper
  • Restaurant Daalder
  • Utrechtsedwarstafel
  • Restaurant MOER
  • Mos Amsterdam

Looking for sushi restaurants in Amsterdam? Here is your English restaurant guide

A guide to restaurants in Amsterdam would not be complete if it missed sushi restaurants. Therefore, we present you a short list of options where you can eat sushi in Amsterdam. These sushi restaurants have high ratings on Tripadvisor too.

  • Yamazato restaurant
  • Tomo Sushi
  • Izakaya Asian Kitchen & Bar
  • Momo
  • Sapporo Teppanyaki
  • Ichi-E
  • MO-JO
  • SUMO Sushi & Grill Restaurant
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