Amsterdam apps

Amsterdam apps

Top 10 must-have apps if you travel to Amsterdam

Planning to visit Amsterdam and do you want to prevent yourself from getting lost? Do you want to chat with locals? Avoid the rain? Get the best deals? We’ve listed 10 must-have app’s to download and use during your stay in Amsterdam.


With this app you can activate location, so you can look up directions directly from where you are. You can plan your journey by public transport (OV) via the planner and see it immediately if there are delays. The app will then give you several advice to choose from. A must if you travel a lot!


With this app you can easily plan your trip and quickly find departure times. The app also alerts you when you need to check out with an OV chip card. Work and delays are displayed and can often be found via this app rather than on the signs at the station.


Uber is an app to quickly share reliable journeys — both during the day and at night. You no longer have to park or wait for a taxi or bus. With Uber you order a ride through the app, you pay conveniently with your credit card and in some cities cash.


Are you traveling by car? Then Flitsmeister cannot be missed. Flitsmeister saves you fines, warns of traffic jams and prevents accidents. By using Flitsmeister while driving, you are automatically alerted to incidents during your ride.

Google maps

Are you traveling through Amsterdam? Then take Maps, the official app you can rely on for real-time GPS navigation, traffic updates and public transport travel information.

Schiphol app

The vacation is about to start. If you fly to Amsterdam Schiphol, download the Schiphol app and see which check-in counters and gate you should be at and whether your flight is delayed or not. They call it “Your personal assistant” for a reason.


Buienalarm warns if rain is going to fall at the location (s) that you set. Approaching showers can be seen on radar and graph, with the amount of precipitation per hour stated. So you always know when to take an umbrella or to take refuge.

Google translate

From now on, you no longer need a dictionary when you go on holiday abroad. You simply ensure that you have Google Translate installed on your smartphone. The translations of more than 100 languages are always being optimized. Locals will always appreciate it if you try to say something in their language.


Order food? Ordering food is easier than ever with the app. Whatever you feel like, there is plenty of choice. From sushi to salad, from burgers and pizza to Indian or Chinese food. Order your favorite meal in just a few simple steps

Social deal

With Social Deal you know the best deals in your area in a short time. A restaurant, an overnight stay, a massage, renting a car or a course, a tasting, a cruise or a visit to an amusement park, it’s all possible with Social Deal. Dozens of new deals are added every day.

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