Workout in Amsterdam

Workout in Amsterdam

Looking for a workout in Amsterdam? We compare two companies that offer exactly what you are looking for! OneFit and ClassPass are two fitness apps, or actually two platforms where you can reserve sports lessons via an app (or website). The big advantage of these two apps is the fact that you are very flexible in subscription and gym, in contrast to subscriptions from one gym. That is for example perfect if you are an expat in town or if you are traveling in Amsterdam for a couple of weeks and you still want to stay fit.

Workout in Amsterdam with flexible monthly sports subscription

With both apps you determine your own workout routine because they offer the most flexible monthly sports subscription in the Netherlands. You can choose from no less than thousands of indoor and outdoor workouts and unlimited online lessons.


OneFit is originally a Dutch company and has offer in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Utrecht, The Hague, Haarlem, Leiden, Eindhoven and Breda. From yoga to HIIT, bootcamp to stand-up paddle. With the OneFit app, you have an abundance of workouts to choose from.


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Classpass is a American company and has offer in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Utrecht and The Hague. A advantage of Claspass is that one subscription gives you access to the best workouts worldwide. They are active in almost every big city around the world! Book at a top studio in the area, livestream a class from home, or choose an on-demand workout.


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Comparing the two apps/platforms for you workout in Amsterdam

Classes vs. gyms

A big difference between OneFit and ClassPass is the way various gyms are offered. At OneFit you mainly book lessons. These can be fitness classes, or yoga classes, for example. With ClassPass this is also possible, but you can also exercise “freely” in a gym. With that, ClassPass feels a little more casual. With ClassPass, for example, you can book a block of two hours at one of the affiliated gyms. Then you can come in within those two hours and exercise for two hours. In practice, no one pays attention to the exact term of two hours. On the other hand; have you ever been in a gym for more than two hours?

Limited time vs. no end time

By the way, the big advantage of OneFit is the fact that you can check in at the gym with the OneFit app and there is no end time for your session. With ClassPass you are only allowed to stay in the relevant gym for a “limited” time.


Do you want to workout in Amsterdam? In addition, the lessons at OneFit and ClassPass are offered for everyone. So you just participate in the class of the gym / yoga studio, etc, which they had already organized. As a result, you will also meet new people that you might not normally meet.

Both OneFit and Classpass offer more than just “active” classes. In Amsterdam, for example, you can go to the Consciousness School. Via both apps in Amsterdam you can also simply swim in different swimming pools.

Low-cost chains for a workout in Amsterdam such as FitForFree or Basic-Fit are not affiliated with these two apps. It is clear that both ClassPass and One-Fit are targeting a little more at the “top” of the market.

A number of gyms also have wellness, spa and sauna facilities. As a OneFit or ClassPass member you can almost always use these facilities for free.

Some very popular gyms are exceptions to this and you have to pay a little extra, but the discounts for members of these two apps are very high.

The price

At Onefit is is possible to start with a free trial period of 7 days. Besides, Onefit offers two kind of monthly packages. The “Lite” package comes with a price of €32,50,- and includes 4 workouts, 2 classes per location and unlimited online classes. The “Original” package comes with a price of €65,- and includes 16 workouts, 4 classes per location and unlimited online classes.

Just like Onefit, Classpass also offers a 7 day trial period. Next to the trial there are different plans available on Classpass. At Classpass they work with monthly credits. So the first package costs €15,- per month and includes 9 credits to book up to 2 classes. The second package costs €35,- and includes 25 credits to book up to 7 classes. The third package costs €59,- and includes 45 credits to book up to 13 classes. The forth package costs €79,- and includes 70 credits to book up to 21 classes. The fifth and last package costs €99,- and includes 95 credits to book up to 28 classes.

Workout in Amsterdam: choose yourself

As mentioned earlier in this article, another nice side effect of ClassPass is the fact that you can also exercise with ClassPass abroad. Obviously only in the larger cities or more famous destinations. So if you are an expat or a traveller, we would definitely recommend you Classpass, although Onefit is also a good alternative.

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