Electric steps Amsterdam

Electric steps Amsterdam

Electric steps Amsterdam or E-steps are already in use in seventeen European countries. They are clearly popular: the scooters do not pollute the environment, are hip and fast… Therefore, you are looking for a e-step to explore Amsterdam. Unfortunately, there are no share system companies for e-steps in the Netherlands, because they are not yet allowed.

E-steps in Amsterdam

As mentioned, you have the option to rent e-steps in many other (European) countries. There are many apps available to rent an e-step. For example, you have Lime, an app where you can rent e-steps per minute. You also have Bird, where you pay per ride. However, there are no apps yet to rent an e-step in Amsterdam. This is mainly due to the strict regulations in the Netherlands. Therefore, the municipality of Amsterdam is currently still in doubt about the safety of the means of transport.

The e-scooter: an alternative option to the e-step

Although you cannot rent an electric steps Amsterdam, there is another easy way to discover the city: the e-scooter from a company named Felyx! Felyx is the first scooter sharing platform in the Netherlands, started from Rotterdam and can now also be used in other places like Amsterdam!

How does Felyx it works?

Are you ready to discover Amsterdam by e-scooter? As their motto says: felyx is a fast, convenient and sustainable way to move through the city” If you want to use Felyx, the only thing you need to do is to download the free app for iOS or Android. When you sign up for Felyx for the first time, you can use a discount code. You can find discount codes on websites such as e-kortingscode.nl. If you use this codes you can easily get up to 30 free driving minutes. You can start your ride in 3 simple steps. Use the felyx app to locate, reserve, and activate the nearest e-scooter.

Using an E-scooter in Amsterdam is good for the environment

The advantage of Felyx is that the scooters are electric, which ensures that they do not run on petrol like other scooters and therefore have less emissions in the cities, which improves air quality.

Want to know more about the e-scooter sharing service in Amsterdam? Read more.

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