Top 10 Coffeeshops Amsterdam

Top 10 Coffeeshops Amsterdam

Amsterdam is a fantastic, vibrant city and is also the capital of the Netherlands. Amsterdam is one of the most visited places by tourists every year. People from different nations make sure they get to see this city at least once in their lives. It is famous for a lot of its beautiful and scenic spots. Few people are aware, though, that Amsterdam is beloved for more reasons than just its wonderful tourist attractions. It is renowned for having several top 10 coffeeshops in Amsterdam as well.

Tourism continues to bloom with the help of many welcoming and relaxing top 10 coffeeshops Amsterdam. All types of a coffee shop can be found here, along with brightly painted psychedelic colors and loud music.

Coffeeshops as a Source of Attraction

Do you also see Coffeeshops as a source of attraction? Top 10 coffeeshops in Amsterdam are tourist attractions of their own but shouldn’t be confused with the regular coffee shops around the world that serve up a hot drink and baked foods. In Amsterdam, coffeeshops act as legal dispensaries for marijuana and places where people go to buy and smoke cannabis. One of the best things you can do while in Amsterdam is head on down to one or two of the famous coffee houses for a hit of cannabis.


If you are looking for top 10 coffeeshops in Amsterdam speak to a budtender, Although, your worry is over now. Just like any regular cafe, the coffeeshops in Amsterdam have menus on the tables or pinned to the walls. Rather than choosing just anything on the menu and hoping for the best, it’s advisable to speak to the guy behind the counter. The budtenders will give you a hand at picking which strand is best for you. Don’t be afraid to ask questions about the menus and the different products, coffeeshop employees are generally friendly, knowledgeable, and accustomed to handling tourists.

  • Do Not Buy Too Much

Marijuana is meant for sharing! You don’t need a whole bag each, so do not buy too much. Be sociable and share your weed. You can always go up and buy more when you’re out.  No need to buy a pack per person, mainly because the products here are likely stronger than any you might have tried elsewhere. So, opt for small quantities and remember to start slowly.


These days, Netherland’s laws prohibit smoking tobacco in public places. Nevertheless, there is a restriction on smoking tobacco inside a coffee shop. It covers tobacco in both cigarettes and joints. If you want something to mix with your hash and weed, a lot of coffee shops will have a sort of alternative to tobacco at the counter that you can use for free. So, you are requested there ‘do not smoke tobacco”


We all are aware that edibles are intense, be especially cautious with space cakes, as eating cannabis can be much stronger than smoking it. The brownies and space cakes might look like a good idea. However, they’re not recommended for coffeeshop newbies.

Unlike smoking which hits you way quicker, edibles don’t hit you until a few hours later and can trip you out a lot harder. So share the brownie, and don’t eat one whole.


While you are free to stay at a coffee shop for as long as you like, there are restrictions. Like how much you may legally purchase from each business in a single day. And also how much you can carry on a time. According to the law, don’t buy more than 5 grams a day in a coffee shop – that’s the law. So, remember this limitation before you go up for more.

There are so many coffee shops in Amsterdam these days, so there’s no need to go somewhere you’re not feeling 100%. However, always carry your ID with you wherever you go. Because anyone can ask for it from you.

So, when you visit Amsterdam, make sure that you don’t only enjoy the sites, but you try out their famous coffee shops as well.

Your Guide to Coffeeshops in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is a well-known city for its coffeeshops. There are around 250 coffee shops in the city center, which makes it hard to find the best coffeeshops Amsterdam has to offer. In the Netherlands, coffeeshops are shops where you can buy and consume cannabis. These cannabis coffeeshops in Amsterdam offer weed, hash, and marijuana. You may only enter if you are 18 years or older.

Below you can find an overview with the top 10 coffeeshops in Amsterdam city center
  • Barney’s Coffeeshop:
This one is definitely one of the best coffeeshops in Amsterdam. It is situated in a 500-year-old building. Here you also can enjoy a nice breakfast, lunch and even dinner. Barney’s is famous amongst tourists and locals.
  • Dampkring:

The movie stars of “Ocean’s 12” spent their time in Dampkring while they were filming in Amsterdam. The interior makes everyone feel welcome in one of the best Amsterdam coffeeshop.

  • The Bulldog:

It is a famous chain of coffeeshops in Amsterdam. That is mostly because of the location. One Bulldog coffeeshop is located at Leidseplein in an old police office building.

  • Amnesia:

This shop is a good option if you are looking for cannabis coffeeshops in Amsterdam that also serve delicious food. The staff is also very friendly and helps you in deciding what to pick.

  • Boerejongens:

This coffeeshop also has a chain of 3 coffeeshops in Amsterdam city centre. The interior of the coffeeshop is beautiful and looks like a drugstore. This coffeeshop in the Amsterdam guide offers quality products and excellent service.

  • Grey Area:

For the finest weed you go to Grey Area. It’s the best coffeeshop in Amsterdam for its weed and it is the favourite one among Americans. It is also a celebrity hotspot and therefore this place belongs in the Amsterdam coffeeshops guide.

  • Green House Centrum:

In this coffeeshop you can find a wall where they have pictures hanging of every celeb that has visited the place. The coffeeshop is the best hangout place for tourists in Amsterdam.

  • Abraxas:

You have to search a little bit for this one, as with many coffeeshops in Amsterdam. Moreover, Abraxas is a warm and inviting coffee establishment.

  • Baba:

This coffeeshop is located in the Red Light District area. Once you are inside you can enjoy the Eastern-themed ambiance.

  • Kadinsky:

This coffeeshop belongs among the best coffeeshops in Amsterdam because it is the choice of locals who live closeby. The atmosphere is great and the staff can advise you if you ask for it. During the summer the front window opens and you can sit and enjoy the view.

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