Top 10 places to eat in Amsterdam

Top 10 places to eat in Amsterdam

Looking for good places to eat in Amsterdam central?

The food and dining scene in Amsterdam is benefiting from the fact that this city is attracting more and more tourists every year. Over the last 5 years the number of restaurants has grown by 27 percent. This makes choosing where to go for eating out in Amsterdam more difficult. Do you fancy a cocktail bar where you can sip on good drinks, or do you want to please your palate at a stylish Restaurant? You can find plenty of these in Amsterdam. Below we summed up the top ten places to eat in Amsterdam.

  • Liberije’s Zusje Amsterdam: This restaurant is located in the beautiful Waldorf hotel. Librije’s Zusje is the little sister of Jonnie Boer’s three-star restaurant De Liberije in Zwolle. The chef brings together local specialties and international cuisine. The dishes look stunning and the interior style is classic in this restaurant.
  • Café Plantage: Close to the Artis Royal Zoo you can dine beneath beautiful trees at a conservatory-turned place to eat called Café Plantage. The menu exists out of dishes like roasted lamb and wild boar ravioli.
  • Loetje: If you are a meat lover, you should make your way to one of Loetje’s restaurants. There are a few of them in and if you are looking for good places to eat in Amsterdam central, then this is your go to. Here they serve their famous steaks and other meaty dishes. Not only do they serve meaty dishes, you can get fish too. The steaks can be ordered in normal and extra large sizes. Don’t forget the mushrooms, fries and sautéed onions on the side.
  • Izakaya: This place has taken traditional Japanese dining to a whole other level. Izakaya literally means café in Japan and the interior is based on the five elements water, fire, wind, earth and heaven. If you can’t choose what to order, go for the Chef’s Choice surprise menu.
  • Stork: If you love fish, this place will make you mouthwatering. It is located in a former ship-engine factory, looking out over the water. Here they serve mussels, clams, snow crab, salmon, North Sea crab and mackerel rillettes. The interior is marine-themed and very cozy.
  • Guts & Glory: Close to Rembrandt Square you can find Guts & Glory. Here they focus their menu on one kind of meat for one season, for instance Iberico ham. You can add some glory to your dish by choosing extra options like caviar or white truffle.
  • Fromagerie Kef: How big is your love for cheese? If the answer is enormous, then you should head to this place. The owner supplies many Michelin-starred restaurants. Therefore, this place belongs in the top 10 places to eat in Amsterdam. Don’t forget to try the Remeker cheese.
  • Thrill Grill: Searching for a nice place where they serve burgers? This is a place for the real burger lovers. Eating out in Amsterdam doesn’t have to be fancy all the time. Nevertheless, this place is the child of chef Robert Kranenborg, a Dutch legend.
  • Le Garage: This French influenced restaurant is located in a former garage. Many celebrities come and enjoy the food here. The menu offers dishes like steak tartare and squid carbonara.
  • La Rive: This restaurant is known for its riverside location. You can order modern and seasonal dishes at La Rive. It is really a good place to eat in Amsterdam central, the interior however is somewhat traditional.
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