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Our favorite places for a High Tea in Amsterdam

Nothing better dan relaxing on a Sunday afternoon with friends or family while enjoying a High Tea in Amsterdam with your favorite bites and sweets. When the days are grey and rainy, you can sit cosy inside with candle lights and a romantic atmosphere.

High Tea in Amsterdam

But what exactly is a High Tea? The High Tea is founded in England and is a light meal that is consumed between 15:00 and 17:00. The story is that Anna, the 7th Duchess of Bedford (around 1840) was really hungry around 16:00 and could not wait until dinner. Her waiters prepared a light meal with sweet and savory bites and several kinds of teas.

Anna was a real trendsetter because many women in England took her example and the High Tea was born! Because there is a large variation of dishes, the High Tea is served on a shelf. It creates a cozy and charming look on your table. Throughout the years the High Tea got his modern twist and it is still a popular way of having a meal in the afternoon.

We have created a list for you in arbitrary order with the best locations for a High Tea in Amsterdam

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