Muiderslot & Pampus Island

Muiderslot & Pampus Island

Are you visiting Amsterdam? And are you looking for a unique attraction to visit? Maybe a visit to Muiderslot & Pampus Island is something for you!


The Muiderslot is a square moated castle with a round tower on each corner of the castle and a large building with stepped gables within the walls. The castle has a moat with a drawbridge and is located at the mouth of the Vecht in the Zuiderzee. The Muiderslot belongs, just like the Westbatterij on the other side, to Muiden fortress.


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The oldest water castle

The Muiderslot in Muiden is the oldest water castle in the Netherlands and was part and final piece of four water defense lines: the Utrecht Waterline, the Oude, the Stelling van Amsterdam (UNESCO World Heritage List) and the New Dutch Waterline. Muiderslot was usually inhabited by castle guardians, who managed the castle on behalf of their lord; that was, for example, the bishop or the landgrave. Muiderslot has been a Rijksmuseum since 1878. The Muiderslot has been restored several times since then. Everything has been restored to its 17th century condition.

The visitors

The museum has an inner part in the castle and an outside area. Via the drawbridge you reach the castle and you end up in the courtyard of the Muiderslot, where you can admire the well. If you then go inside you can see all the different rooms.


A few facilities are accessible from the courtyard: the cloakroom with lockers, the toilets, the museum shop, the museum café, the information desk and the desk for the free audio tour.


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Outside area

Outside you can view the gardens, the casemate, the theatre bastion, the water shield, the plum orchard and the falconry.

Opening hours

From April 1 to October 31: Daily from 10 – 17.00
From November 1 to March 31: Tuesday to Sunday from 10 – 17.00


Adults: € 15.50 per person.
Children 4 to 11 years old: € 9 per person.
Children up to 3 years old: free.

Plan your visit and click here.

Pampus Island

Are you looking for adventure? Then sail by boat from Muiden or Amsterdam IJburg to the historic fortress island of Pampus and go back in time. On the uninhabited fortress island you can wander freely or be guided by a guide. Pampus was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1996. Experience hundreds of years of Dutch history on Fort Island and explore the dozens of rooms in the fort. Cannon shots are flying around your ears and multimedia the rooms are just like before. There are treasure hunts and tours, but visitors can also wander through the fort on their own with a route map. Children can activate and play games in the fortress with special Pampus keys. Pampus also organizes major events such as Sail Pampus.


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Fort Island Pampus is for everyone who loves water, history and adventure!
This activity is suitable for the whole family, children, adults and the elderly.

Opening hours

Open from April to October from 10.30am to 5pm. Closed on Mondays with the exception of Easter and Whitsun.

Boat to Pampus

You can charter your own boat or you can use the ferry service. Every Saturday and Sunday until October 18, a ferry service sails from Amsterdam IJburg to Fort Island Pampus! During the autumn holidays, the ferry service sails to Pampus twice a day every Tuesday to Friday. Every Saturday in the season you can also sail to Pampus from Almere. Click here for all the detail of the ferry service.

TIP! Combine Muiderslot & Pampus Island if you want to visit both places. Please check the opening hours before!

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