Best time to visit Amsterdam

Best time to visit Amsterdam

Whether you are planning a city trip or enjoying a relaxing holiday: you want good weather when traveling. That is why it is useful to know the best travel time when you are going on holiday. Do you want to know what the climate and weather forecast is in Amsterdam? We described the popular and best travel time for Amsterdam. This way you know what to take into account and you avoid the rainy season.

Most popular travel time for Amsterdam

The most popular travel time for Amsterdam in the Netherlands is from June to September, in which you have a pleasant temperature and hardly any precipitation. The highest average temperature in Amsterdam is 24 ° C in July and the lowest is 7 ° C in January. The water temperature is between 5 ° C and 21 ° C. The weather and climate of Amsterdam is suitable for a city trip.

Rainfall in Amsterdam

Because Amsterdam has a maritime climate, rain falls all months of the year. Make no mistake, taking an umbrella is a good idea!

Best travel time for Amsterdam

Although the driest time of year is from June to August, it can be quite busy with tourists in Amsterdam. Therefore we recommend you to visit Amsterdam in spring, especially May or in autumn in mid-september. Also Winter in Amsterdam has its charms. Skate along the canals, drink hot chocolate milk in one of the cozy cafes or visit one of the many museums.

Overall Amsterdam has the same mild climate as the rest of the Netherlands, but the weather in Amsterdam remains somewhat unpredictable.

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