Best Ramen Restaurants Amsterdam

Best Ramen Restaurants Amsterdam

Where to eat the best Ramen in Amsterdam?

Looking for the Best Ramen Restaurants Amsterdam? After a lot of bowls of this Japanese dish with noodles, it is time to put our own top list on the blog. Shall we start right away at Ramen Kingdom? Yukō! (Let’s go!)


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  1. Ramen Kingdom

Best Ramen Restaurants Amsterdam? Opposite Amsterdam Central, a gigantic Super Mario has been lurking out of the window to Loetje on the Prins Hendrikkade since last year. At the same time you think that another beautiful building has fallen prey to an inexpensive souvenir shop, but fortunately this gigantic version of our favorite plumber is just one of the rarities that Ramen-Kingdom has. Amsterdam is about 20 square meters richer with this Japanese Ramen Restaurant.

Where? At Prins Hendrikkade 83

  1. Tokyo Ramen Iki

Previously, the ramen shop on Vijzelstraat was called Takeichi, but recently the restaurant has broken away from the Japanese noodle chain and is called Tokyo Ramen Iki. Only chicken stock is on the menu. The ‘spicy ramen’ (€ 14) is the most popular. Recently, miso soup has also been served.

Where? At Vijzelstraat 135


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  1. Sapporo Ramen Sora

Just as Italians prefer a different pasta with each sauce, Japanese noodles are not just noodles. Chef Shin Fujita loves Sapporo style and imports his favorite hearty noodles from his hometown of Sapporo. Also very Sapporo style: a knob of butter on the noodle soup. For example, choose those with corn and butter (€ 14) or terriyaki chicken (€ 15.50).

Where? At Ceintuurbaan 49 


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  1. Ramen-ya

Noedelrestauramt Ramen-ya (‘the noodle soup house’) is hidden in a basement on the Wallen. A great place for a quick heart-warming bite. Not everyone is a fan (especially online reviews are very different), but who comes for Hakataramen – noodles in a rich, cloudy broth from pork bones – is good (€ 11.50). For a ramen restaurant, by the way, a fairly extensive menu, including chicken stock, vegetarian, many toppings and side dishes

Note: the store is underground and therefore has no windows.

Where? At Oudezijds Voorburgwal 236


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  1. Fou Fow Ramen

As a quick, inexpensive, comforting meal, little compares to Fou Fow Ramen’s noodles. For a bowl of hot tonkotsu noodles (€ 12.50) you can go to Fou Fow with confidence. On the receipt, because reservations are not possible. Tip: Fou Fow is also open for lunch during the week.

Where? At Elandsgracht 2, Van Woustraat 3

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