Best Ramen Restaurants Amsterdam

Best Ramen Restaurants Amsterdam

Amsterdam’s Culinary Delight: The Rise of Ramen Restaurants

Amsterdam, with its iconic canals, historic houses, and lively neighborhoods, has long been a magnet for tourists and expats. However, beyond its picturesque vistas and rich heritage, the city offers another, often underappreciated, allure: a thriving culinary scene. While the Dutch capital is best known for its traditional treats such as “stroopwafels” and “bitterballen”, in recent years, it has seen a surge in its global culinary offerings. And of these diverse tastes, there’s one that has managed to stand out, simmering its way into the heart of the city’s dining culture: ramen.

Originating from Japan, ramen is more than just a noodle soup. It’s a dish that narrates stories of tradition, innovation, and an undying passion for flavors. At its core, ramen embodies a harmonious blend of broth, noodles, meat or seafood, and various toppings. However, this simplicity in description belies the complexity and depth of its taste. A good bowl of ramen is a symphony of flavors, each note meticulously crafted to offer a wholesome and soul-satisfying experience.

So, how did ramen, a distinctly Eastern delicacy, find its way into the heart of Amsterdam, a city deep-rooted in European culture and tastes? The answer lies in the city’s intrinsic openness to global influences. Amsterdam has historically been a melting pot of cultures, owing to its maritime legacy. This global outlook has permeated its culinary ethos. Restaurants offering international cuisines aren’t just catering to the expat or tourist populations; they resonate with the locals as well. Amsterdam’s populace is adventurous when it comes to food, always seeking to tantalize their taste buds with something unique and authentic. Ramen, with its rich flavors and heartwarming broth, seemed to be the perfect answer to the city’s culinary quests.

Over the past decade, the rise in travel to East Asian countries and the global proliferation of Japanese culture (be it through anime, cinema, or literature) have further piqued interest in authentic regional foods. Ramen, being both comfort food and a gourmet dish in its home country, quickly rose to prominence. What started as a niche offering in a few Asian restaurants in Amsterdam, soon transformed into dedicated ramen bars and restaurants popping up across the city. From tiny nooks tucked away in alleyways to expansive, elegant spaces in more commercial areas, ramen places have become as integral to Amsterdam’s dining scene as its traditional Dutch eateries.

But it’s not just the authenticity that Amsterdam’s ramen restaurants offer. They have also localized and innovated, experimenting with flavors to create something uniquely Amsterdam-esque. For instance, while the traditional ‘tonkotsu’ (pork broth) remains a favorite, don’t be surprised to find broths infused with local herbs, toppings incorporating Dutch cheeses, or even vegan versions of the dish.

In conclusion, the flourishing of ramen restaurants in Amsterdam is more than just a culinary trend. It’s a testament to the city’s ever-evolving palate, its embrace of global cultures, and its inherent love for hearty, soulful food. As you explore the city, with its bridges, bikes, and tulips, remember that there’s a bowl of delicious ramen waiting at the end of your journey, offering a warm embrace and introducing you to a facet of Amsterdam that beautifully marries the traditional with the contemporary.



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  1. Ramen Kingdom

Best Ramen Restaurants Amsterdam? Opposite Amsterdam Central, a gigantic Super Mario has been lurking out of the window to Loetje on the Prins Hendrikkade since last year. At the same time, you think that another beautiful building has fallen prey to an inexpensive souvenir shop, but fortunately, this gigantic version of our favorite plumber is just one of the rarities that Ramen-Kingdom has. Amsterdam is about 20 square meters richer with this Japanese Ramen Restaurant.

Where? At Prins Hendrikkade 83

  1. Tokyo Ramen Iki

Previously, the ramen shop on Vijzelstraat was called Takeichi, but recently the restaurant has broken away from the Japanese noodle chain and is called Tokyo Ramen Iki. Only chicken stock is on the menu. The ‘spicy ramen’ (€ 14) is the most popular. Recently, miso soup has also been served.

Where? At Vijzelstraat 135


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  1. Sapporo Ramen Sora

Just as Italians prefer a different pasta with each sauce, Japanese noodles are not just noodles. Chef Shin Fujita loves Sapporo style and imports his favorite hearty noodles from his hometown of Sapporo. Also very Sapporo style: a knob of butter on the noodle soup. For example, choose those with corn and butter (€ 14) or teriyaki chicken (€ 15.50).

Where? At Ceintuurbaan 49 


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  1. Ramen-ya

Noedelrestauramt Ramen-ya (‘the noodle soup house’) is hidden in a basement on the Wallen. A great place for a quick heart-warming bite. Not everyone is a fan (especially online reviews are very different), but who comes for Hakata ramen – noodles in a rich, cloudy broth from pork bones – is good (€ 11.50). For a ramen restaurant, by the way, a fairly extensive menu, including chicken stock, vegetarian, many toppings and side dishes

Note: the store is underground and therefore has no windows.

Where? At Oudezijds Voorburgwal 236


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  1. Fou Fow Ramen

As a quick, inexpensive, comforting meal, little compares to Fou Fow Ramen’s noodles. For a bowl of hot tonkotsu noodles (€ 12.50) you can go to Fou Fow with confidence. On the receipt, because reservations are not possible. Tip: Fou Fow is also open for lunch during the week.

Where? At Elandsgracht 2, Van Woustraat 3

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