Amsterdam taxi service

Amsterdam taxi service

The taxi service in Amsterdam

Compared to a city like New York, the taxis in Amsterdam cannot stop anywhere they like. This makes hailing a taxi a bit more difficult, but luckily there are fixed taxi ranks. This helps to keep the traffic flowing in the city centre. Therefore, stopping is not allowed at many places. There are official taxi service operators in Amsterdam and also alternative taxis. Try a bike, a tuk-tuk sightseeing tour or a disco taxi. Another taxi service in Amsterdam is Ugo, Uber and myDriver.

A taxi can be very handy if you need to travel from and to the airport, after a night out and the trams have stopped working or when you are running late for an appointment. Sometimes the public transport can get you to your destination quicker, but a taxi is more convenient. Make sure to order a taxi that is reliable and will show up on time to pick you up.

What to expect from the Amsterdam taxi service?

Remember that the taxi meter will be turned on and that you will get a receipt when you pay for the journey. The taxi service in Amsterdam cannot refuse short trips. So even if you don’t want to walk a short distance, you can grab a taxi. The taxi drivers also have to take the shortest or quickest route to bring you to your destination. If you are not satisfied with the taxi service in Amsterdam, you can complain. If you want to do that, make sure you write down the number plate of the taxi, the date and time. These criterions are noted on the receipt you are supposed to receive.

Watch out with the unlicensed Amsterdam Airport Schiphol taxi service

You should avoid the unlicensed and illegal taxis that work at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. These drivers don’t use the taxi meter and come up with ridiculous prices. Licensed taxis are recognized by their roof lights which show the name of the operating company. These taxis have a blue number plate and are far more reliable and professional than the unlicensed ones.

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