Amsterdam in 2 days

Amsterdam in 2 days

Itinerary for 2 days in Amsterdam 

If you are going on a city trip to Amsterdam for just two days, you have to know which sights you can and want to visit. In this article you will find a nice plan that you can stick to in order to see the most popular and famous sights of Amsterdam. Do you want to get the most out of your city trip? Read the following article where we take you on a journey to the “Venice of the North”

Day 1: morning

Start your day with a canal cruise

Knowing where to start when you are in a city for the first time, can be tough. One of the best and less time consuming ways to see the finest parts of Amsterdam, though, is to make your way through the canal cruise system. You can book several cruises through Amsterdam, but we advise you to take a one-hour tour, where you can see all that you need to note down as part of your journey to get a full and frank idea of just what this amazing city has to offer you. You will also see major landmarks (main museums and other interesting sights), and can make great pictures! Read more about a one-hour canal cruise here.

Canal Hopper

If you prefer not to take a whole cruise, but want to get on and off at the sights you find worthwhile, you can go to “Canal Bus” or “Canal Hopper”. Wheelchair users can contact “Blueboat Company”. Almost all of their tour boats are equipped with a wheelchair lift.


Those who want to experience Amsterdam a bit more actively can consider renting a bicycle. This is also typically “Dutch” and gives you an unforgettable impression of the city. The numerous cycling routes lead you to the most picturesque places in Amsterdam and guarantee you unmissable mobility in places where cars are not allowed to pass. You can also choose to go to all the spots by bike instead of using public transport.

Visit a Museum

As Amsterdam is known for its rich history, museums should of course not be missed. There are many museums in Amsterdam that you can visit during your stay. Just pick one that matches your interest. The Anne Frank House is one of the museums that can count on a long line of spectators every time. Another famous one is the Amsterdam History Museum on Dam Square, and the museum dedicated to Jewish history.


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The Rijksmuseum and Van Gogh Museum

The Rijksmuseum, the largest museum in the Netherlands where all the great Dutch artists have a place on the wall, is one of our favorites. The Van Gogh Museum is located near the Rijksmuseum on the other side of the Museumplein. As the name suggests, this museum is entirely dedicated to the painter Vincent van Gogh. You will find a large collection of more than 200 paintings, but also etchings and more than 500 drawings are exhibited. You will also find letters that Vincent wrote to his brother Theo, other important objects from his life and works by painter friends who inspired or were inspired by Van Gogh.


Day 1: Afternoon

Go for a walk through the Vondelpark

From the Museumplein to the Vondelpark it is just a 10 minute walk. We therefore recommend you to go for a walk in the park after you have visited the Rijksmuseum or Van Gogh museum. This is a popular city park to get a breath of fresh air.

Albert Kuyp Market

The “Albert Cuypmarkt”, with more than 300 stalls, is one of the busiest markets in Europe. The Albert Cuyp in De Pijp is mainly known as a market where you can eat the best street food. We recommend you to just try a bit of everything! Do not forget to eat the famous Dutch “Stroopwafels”!


Day 1: At night

Heineken Experience

From the Albert Kuyp market you can head over to the Heineken Experience that is nearby. Heineken is one of the 3 largest beer brewers in the world. The green bottles with a red star on them are available everywhere. The Heineken Experience is an interactive exhibition in which you can learn everything about the Dutch beer brand, but you can also get started brewing beer yourself. Get your tickets here.


After your visit to the Heineken Experience you head over to the Rembrandtplein. The Rembrandtplein is well equipped with restaurants, terraces and other entertainment venues, e.g. the Escape (disco) and De Kroon (café-restaurant, beautiful old interior!). It is therefore one of the most famous entertainment areas in Amsterdam, and the ideal place to take a break! On the square is a statue of the namesake, Rembrandt, the oldest surviving statue in the city. A bronze arrangement of his most famous painting, The Night Watch, is sometimes there, sometimes not. You must be lucky. You have also a couple of nice restaurants such as Shabu Shabu (all you can eat sushi) and Vapiano (nice and cheap Italian food), where you can have dinner.


Day 2: Morning

De A’DAM Toren

Start your second day with a beautiful view. The A’DAM Tower is the place to go for a beautiful panoramic view of the city. On the Lookout on the roof you will also find a bar where you can get a drink. Those who are not afraid of heights can also sit on the highest swing in Europe. You can swing above the city at a height of no less than 100 meters. The name of the tower refers to the name of the city, and in full Amsterdam Dance and Music. Get you’re A’DAM tower tickets here.


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Visit “De Dam”

Dam Square is the heart of Amsterdam and the city also owes its name to the place. On the square is the Royal Palace, the Nieuwe Kerk and the National Monument where, among other things, the Second World War is commemorated. Visiting Amsterdam without going to Dam Square is not a good idea. Pay a visit to the Royal Palace on Dam Square, where you can admire the marble Burgzaal and works of art from the Golden Age.

Walk to the Begijnhof Amsterdam

The Begijnhof was founded in the 14th century and is located in the heart of the city. When you enter you will see a wooden house on the left that is said to date back to the 15th century. Most of the houses you see are 17th and 18th century.

Only inhabited by women

They have been thoroughly restored and are only inhabited by women. Although there have been no more beguines for 40 years, it is still the case that no men live within the walls. This oasis of silence and green has a beautiful English church. This church has been located in the former Beguinage church since the 17th century, which the beguines should have ceded to the English. Right in front of the entrance you see the Catholic chapel, which was supposed to compensate for the loss of the Begijnhof church.


Day 2: Afternoon

Have lunch at Broodje Bert

They have the best sandwiches with chicken! Make sure to visit this place for a great lunch. Address: Singel 321, 1012 WK Amsterdam


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Visit Amsterdam Dungeon

After lunch you are ready for a fun and exciting activity during your short stay in Amsterdam. Next visit The Amsterdam Dungeon. You can hear, see and smell Amsterdam’s history come to life in the various shows. You are part of the story, but watch out for the scary actors. The dungeon is scarier than ever! Do you still dare?

Go shopping

When you’re on a city trip, there must be some space for shopping!

The Magna Plaza

First of all the Magna Plaza is a lesser known monument of the city and is hidden behind the Palace on the Dam. Once used as a post office, the building is now a luxury shopping center comparable to the Galeries Lafayette in Paris and Harrods in London. Like many other monuments in the city, the Magna Plaza is also included in the UNESCO World Heritage List and is certainly worth a visit.

Kalverstraat & Nieuwendijk

These are the famous shopping streets in the city center of Amsterdam, where you can find all the popular shops, such as Zara, H&M and Primark. 

Negen Straatjes Amsterdam (“The nine streets”)

The Nine Streets are – how could it be otherwise – nine streets in the Jordaan where shopping is central. There are all kinds of nice boutiques, flagship stores of major brands, eateries, cafes, pop-up stores. The area is located between the Prinsengracht and Singel. Many of the street names are reminiscent of the traders and craftsmen who used to live and work there. Take the time to wander quietly between the shops and eateries and take it all in.


Day 2: At night

“De Wallen” Red Light District

Amsterdam is known everywhere for its ‘red light district’, also known as the Red Light District. It is therefore a place where you should definitely pass by as a visitor. Do this especially when it is already dark, because then the environment turns completely red due to all the neon lights. There are about 750 prostitutes a day working in Amsterdam, ranging from window prostitution, strip tents to sex clubs. Despite the activities, this neighborhood is certainly no more dangerous than the rest of Amsterdam.

Have dinner at Loetje Amsterdam

Loetje Centraal is located in the beautiful monumental building of the Noord-Zuid Hollandsch Koffiehuis on the Stationsplein, right in the heart of Amsterdam and directly opposite Central Station. The restaurant inside is light, spacious and homely, with many typical Dutch and Delft blue elements incorporated into the interior. Because Loetje is located right on the water, the view is really great. You can eat the best steak in Amsterdam here!

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