A’dam lookout

A’dam lookout

If you’re scared of heights this might not be your cup of tea, but we guarantee it’s more than worth it. A’dam lookout is the highest swing in Europe. You literally swing over the edge of the A’DAM tower. It takes a while, but a unique experience is guaranteed!


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The highest swing in Europe

And that is really high. You are going into the spectacular lift (20 floors in 22 seconds) and headed for the roof where Europe’s highest swings can be found. This tower attraction is called Over the Edge. The highest swing in Europe is dangling at a height of 100 meters (!) That’s insane! The swing can be found on the Sky Deck of the A’DAM Lookout. From here you enter the attraction. You can swing with two at the same time. First of all, you are well secured by the staff. Then you are lifted up and you also move forward a bit, until you are “over the edge”. Although extremely safe, these swings are not suitable for children under 1.3 metres

A’DAM Lookout

The location has of course not been given this name for nothing. You have a 360 degree view of the capital from the skydeck. Well it can get quite busy. We recommend that you go around curfew, just before the sun sets. It is slightly less busy than during the day and best of all: there is a good chance that you will be swinging over the city with the setting sun. Amsterdam at its best.

Tickets for A’dam lookout

The only disappointment of this attraction is that you have to buy a separate ticket at the location. Entrance to the tower in itself is not cheap, and it would have been great if the Over The Edge experience would be included in the price. Lookout Tickets are €12,50 and over the edge swing tickets add a €5,- extra.

Buy your A’DAM Lookout tickets here!

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