What to buy in Amsterdam

What to buy in Amsterdam

Souvenirs from Amsterdam

If you’re thinking about what unique souvenirs to purchase for your friends, family or for your personal travel collection, maybe this article is handy for you. We made a list of original souvernirs that you can bring back home.

Souvenirs from Amsterdam’s popular football club: Ajax

Ajax football souvenirs can be found at shops throughout the city. But… it is even nicer to visit the stadium first and go get some souvenirs after! You can find the offical Ajax Fanshops at: Arena Boulevard 1-3 (at the stadium) and Kalverstraat 124 (in the city)

Cheap souvenirs from Amsterdam: Primark x Amsterdam

Looking for t-shirts with Amsterdam prints? And do you not want to pay too much for it? Go to Primark! At Primark Amsterdam you will find t-shirts in all shapes and sizes. Here you can buy souvenirs for all your friends and family

Unique souvenirs from Amsterdam: HEMA

HEMA is a original Dutch chain store that designs all of its products in-house. The best thing about HEMA is that they sell everything! You can think of food, interior stuff, stationery and other things you need. Also, they keep their prices low, so you will definitely find some nice and unique souvenirs here (that you can not find in the souvenirs shops in the city center).

Cheese, cheese, cheese

Of course do not forget to buy some cheese when you’re in Amsterdam. Do you like cheese, or do you have a friend who does like cheese? Go for Oude Amsterdam Kaas (Old Amsterdam Cheese) sold at all local cheese shops.

A birthday calendar

Do you want to buy something that the locals also have at home? Then buy a birthday calendar! It is a Dutch custom to have a calendar with all the birthdays on it, so you will never forget one! You can find those calendars in every tourist shop in the city center (i.e. Dam square area).

Clogs and tulips

If people think of the Netherlands, they often think of clogs and tulips. Although you will not find anyone in Amsterdam who wears clogs, it can be a nice souvenir for friends and family. The same applies to tulips: you have to travel a bit to see those tullip fields (i.e. to the Keukenhof: read about it here!). Especially if you have been there, this can be a nice souvenir as a reminiscent token for your stay here.


As a souvenir, many tourists take home a typical Dutch delicacy. Nice for the family and also a tasteful reminder of the holiday. The stroopwafel (syrup waffels) is the ultimate Dutch cookie and is loved and famous worldwide.

  • TIP: For the tastiest and freshest stroopwafels (syrup waffles) to eat right away, go to the Albert Kuypmarkt. You will find the stand quickly, because you can smell the delicious smell of stroopwafels from a distance.
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