Comedy Amsterdam

Comedy Amsterdam

Top 5 comedy shows in Amsterdam

A nice night out in Amsterdam? Have you ever thought of attending a comedy show in Amsterdam? Laugh together, enjoy live entertainment during stand-up comedy shows? A comedy show is a fun outing for any occasion: it is relaxing as a company outing, but also perfect for a bachelor party! During a comedy show you can enjoy the most hilarious jokes and fun sketches, performed by the best stand-uppers and professional comedians.

Comedy show Amsterdam: @ Comedy Cafe

On Thursday (every week), the Comedy Café in Amsterdam offers a stage to talented comedians from over the whole world. Since 1994, the Comedy Cafe has been the place to be for stand-up comedy. Because the comedians are from over the whole world, the main language is English. Are you ready for those hilarious comedians sharing their life experiences and unconventional worldviews?

To give you an idea, these comedians already visited the Comedy Cafe: Ardal O’Hanlon, Stephen K. Amos, Gina Yashere, Phill Jupitus, Al Pitcher and Tom Rhodes! Visit their website here.

Comedy show Amsterdam English: @ Comedy Embassy

The Comedy Embassy in Amsterdam welcomes foreign dignitaries from the international stand-up community and offers an excellent guarantee to laugh. At the Comedy Embassy, you are at the right place for some english stand-up comedy. This comedy show is the highest one ranked on TripAdvisor, so that is promising!

With up to 20 shows per month, The Comedy Embassy is home to Boom Chicago’s English stand-up comedy in Amsterdam. It is the best English comedy show, always in English and always funny. The Comedy Embassy is also hosted by Comedy Cafe every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Sunday. Have a look at agenda to see where the Comedy Embassy is hosted on the desired date and time

Comedy @ Boom Chicago

With their motto: “Life is better when you laugh” Boom Chicago, in the very center of Amsterdam, offers English comedy nights. At Boom Chicago’s there is a big variety of (English-language) comedy shows. Also they do not only offer stand-up comedy, but also special events, dancing, performance, magic, escape rooms and other creative events. At their website you will find more exciting information about their comedy events.

Comedy show @ Toomler

Although the comedy train offers a lot of comedy shows in Dutch, there are also a few international shows at this cosy cafe. At Toomler, hilarious and inspiring comedians are invited to give you a night you will not forget! Make sure you check the website to view when there are international shows. See website.

De Kleine Comedy

De Kleine Komedie is a theater in Amsterdam located on the Amstel and was built in 1786. It is the oldest theater in Amsterdam and can accommodate 503 spectators. Therefore the location is already an experience on itself. Visit their website for international shows or ask at the box office for “Language No Problem” shows.

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