Best Restaurants in Amsterdam

Best Restaurants in Amsterdam

Here is your guide for a good restaurant in Amsterdam

Whether you live, work or are just in Amsterdam for a few short days, it is always nice to know what the best restaurants are in Amsterdam. Therefore, we have put all the good restaurants in Amsterdam together in a list below. Now, choosing a restaurant will not be hard anymore. These places are chosen to be the best restaurants in Amsterdam of 2018.

  • Ciel Bleu: One of the top restaurants Amsterdam has to offer. Here you can enjoy really good food. Not only has the restaurant two Michelin stars, it is also located on the 23rd floor of the luxurious hotel Okura. Ciel Bleu has a sommelier who likes to talk passionately about the wines. The seasonal menus are a nice recommendation. Do not forget to order the matching wine arrangement. If you like Japanese food more, then go to the other hotel Okura restaurant, called Yamazato. As this is one of Amsterdam its top restaurants, it is quite expensive but definitely worth the money.
  • Le Restaurant: If you are a wine lover and want to eat well too, reserve a table at Le Restaurant. This is one of the best restaurants in Amsterdam in 2018 and they also are the proud owner of one Michelin star. The service at this cozy restaurant is fabulous and very friendly.
  • Vermeer: Another star restaurant Amsterdam has to offer you. This place is anything but quit and dull. The new interior makes the atmosphere even more relaxed and the dishes are breathtaking. The chef knows how to do amazing things with vegetables.
  • Café Modern: Located in a former bank building in Amsterdam-North, this restaurant offers 5-course menus for a good price.
  • Beulings: You will have to search for this gem, as it is quite hidden. In the middle of the city, Beulings offers nice dishes with matching wines. Absolutely a recommendation.
  • De Luwte: The interior of this place is very modern and the atmosphere is very cozy. Iris Zeilsta and her Spanish husband own de Luwte and he knows how to cook. Not the regular Spanish tapas are served here, but dishes from a modern Mediterranean cuisine. It is finger licking good, so make sure to call for a reservation.
  • Izakaya: This place is one of the top restaurants Amsterdam has to offer. The food is delicious and the ambiance is very trendy. You will not find Dutch “bitterballen” here, but delicious sushi with great wines.
  • Bistrot Neuf: This place is inspired by the French cuisine. Here you also can enjoy the fantastic collection of wines this place has to offer you. You can drink many different wines by the glass, even a white wine from South Limburg.
  • Fa. Pekelhaaring: This is one of the cool restaurants in Amsterdam where you can have Italian food. They serve food from all districts of Italy. You can see the cooks working while you eat because the kitchen of the restaurant is open.

Other good restaurants in Amsterdam are:

  • Rijsel
  • Choux
  • Vuurtoreneiland
  • De Scheepskameel
  • Mos
  • Gebroeders Hartering
  • Wilde Zwijnen

If you are going to go for a bite to eat in Amsterdam, you might be shocked to find the sheer variety of choice. Before we give you a good range of places to go and try out, though, we want to take a look at the Amsterdam food culture. If you are not from the city, then you might find the kind of foods that are on offer here quite unique to what you would find if you were to eat outside of the capital. Put simply, Amsterdam is one of the most international cities in the world. It’s got influence in the food industry coming from all over the planet. You can just as easily find some Japanese or specific Asian cuisine as you can find a local delicacy. By the same token, though, you can find everything from street food vendors to fast food cuisine everywhere you look. It is a city that caters to more or less everyone who is looking to try out something a bit more unique than the norm. If you do intend to go eating in Amsterdam, though, we recommend that you start looking at a range of different factors. Here are some tips for eating in Amsterdam.

Always try to book ahead of time

This is a busy city, with massive demand. Always make sure that you take this into account when shopping around. It’s going to make it a bit easier for you to get the restaurant that you want. This is an in-demand city, so you shouldn’t expect to just walk in and get whatever you want to.
If you choose to come here, then you should always look to book your venue ahead of time. It’s easier and will be great for making sure you can avoid needless distractions.

Don’t expect service on a Monday

If you are going to go out for food, avoid trying to do so on a Monday. Most restaurants are closed or limited on a Monday, so it can be hard to get the kind of food you want on a Monday. Opening hours are always listed on the front door, though, making it easy for you to check.

Want a smoke?

Then look for one of the many smoking restaurants that you can find in the city. While there is a smoking ban in place, it’s not something that you need to worry about. If you want to have a smoke while you eat, some restaurants are happy to accommodate you.

10% tips

The average tip that you would leave in a Dutch restaurant would be around 10%. This is very important to consider, as you should always tip. Expect to pay a tip, and don’t try to get out of it. Also, if a restaurant staff member asks you “En, heft het gesmaakt?’ it is basically them asking if you were happy with the food. A simple thumbs up should do, but you could also wave your hand towards your ear. This means that your food was fantastic. It might look odd, but it’s a common custom in Amsterdam and Dutch restaurants so get used to using it.

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