Budget hotels Amsterdam city Centre

Budget hotels Amsterdam city Centre

Searching for accommodations: where to find budget hotels in Amsterdam city centre?

In Amsterdam, it is very easy to go over your budget. Starting with the price you have to pay for your accommodation in this capital. Attractions like a canal cruise are not for free either. A short stay in Amsterdam can burn a whole in your wallet and that is not what you were planning. Luckily Amsterdam has also many budget hotels to offer in the city centre. These budget hotels are quite stylish and affordable for everyone. Below you can find a short list of cheap hotels in Amsterdam city centre that are worth trying to book:

  • Hotel Plantage: This hotel looks over on Artis Zoo and is located close to the city centre. You can walk there in less than 10 minutes. The rooms are very comfortable and can be booked at an affordable price. There is even a pool table in the lounge of the hotel.
  • Amstel Botel: Yes, you have read that correctly. This is a hotel that is floating. Situated in Amsterdam’s docklands in the north. This Botel has a café and a spacious terrace. Read the reviews if you want to know how other visitors rated this hotel.
  • The Student Hotel: Not only students are welcome in this hotel, also other people may enter. The Student Hotel has two locations, one in De Pijp and one in Amsterdam East. This hotel is one of Amsterdam its cheap hotels in the city centre. Travelers can have a chat with each other here and there is a large communal area and a gym. The rooms have a double bed and a desk, in case you want to do some work.
  • The Bulldog Hotel: Bulldog used to be a coffeeshop in Amsterdam and now it is an international brand. This is one of the hotels in Amsterdam that is located in the red light district. Many celebrities have stayed in The Bulldog its suites. They offer various types of rooms. Their website provides a lot of reviews you can read before you book this hotel.
  • Hotel Flipper: This hotel is situated in the popular district De Pijp, along the river Amstel. Popular places like the Albert Cuyp market and the Heineken Experience are only a few minutes walking distance away. Hotel Flipper has several types of rooms and they also offer a full breakfast. This hotel definitely belongs to one of the budget hotels In Amsterdam city centre.
  • Hotel Dwars: Another great accommodation is Hotel Dwars. This hotel is very modern and stylish, since it has been decorated by a Dutch fashion label. This hotel is a bit harder to find because it is tucked away behind a street. The rooms offer a comfortable bed, a coffee machine and a television.

Reasons to book hotels in Amsterdam its red light district

You are not sure if you want to stay in the red light district during your visit to Amsterdam. There are enough reasons why booking hotels in Amsterdam red light district is a good idea. Did you know that this area has beautiful architecture and is very centrally located? There is always something to do in this old city centre and the streets are very safe. Not only is the red light district centrally located, it is also a short walk from Amsterdam Central Station.

Book cheap rooms in Amsterdam and enjoy the city even more

Your holiday in Amsterdam does not have to be that expensive if you book cheap rooms. When you save costs on your accommodation, you can spend the saved money to enjoy Amsterdam its cultural treasures. Enjoy your trip to the fullest by booking budget hotels.

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