Where to stay on New Year’s Eve in Amsterdam

Where to stay on New Year’s Eve in Amsterdam

Where to stay on New Year’s Eve in Amsterdam: As you may have already heard, tourists who want to usher in the new year in Amsterdam have to pay a lot for this. Nowhere else in Europe is an overnight stay during New Year’s Day as expensive as in Amsterdam. We made a list of budget hotels just outside of Amsterdam as well as 5* hotels in the city center of Amsterdam.

Budget proof places to stay on New Year’s Eve

Airbnb during NYE

With Airbnb you are often a lot cheaper than with a hotel, so it is definitely worth checking if this also applies to you on NYE. Also try to look just outside of Amsterdam, then you will notice that it is getting cheaper and cheaper.

Hotels just outside of Amsterdam

If you are on a budget, it is not an option to find any hotel to stay in on New Year’s Eve in Amsterdam. A room less then 3 km’s from the city center starts from €200,- for a dorm room and from at least €300,- for a basic hotel room. If you want a 3 or 4 stars room prices start from €400,- in the city center of Amsterdam. Therefore it is smart to look for a hotel just outside of Amsterdam.

Lijnden, Badhoevedorp, Schiphol

If you want to stay just around the corner of Amsterdam and if your budget is +- €200,- you can check the following hotels:

Naarden, Bussum, Hilversum

If your budget is between €100 – €150,- there are also a few options a little bit further from Amsterdam (20 mins by train). You can check the next hotels:

5-star hotels in Amsterdam

Are you in Amsterdam on New Year’s Eve and looking for a 5-star hotel? Does money play no role for you and do you just want to be in one of the best hotels? Then take a look at the following hotels:


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