Restaurants amsterdam and menu suggestions

Restaurants amsterdam and menu suggestions

In which restaurants in Amsterdam centre should you have dinner?

In Amsterdam you can find restaurants that are new gems, personal favorites and old classics. No matter what your dining style, budget or craving is, you will find the best restaurant in Amsterdam. In 2018, three restaurants were rewarded a Michelin star, which makes the number of Michelin-starred restraurants in Amsterdam 15 now. If you do not want to spend that amount of money on fine dining, try out one of these restaurants in Amsterdem centrum:

  • Guts & Glory: This restaurant focuses their entire menu suggestions on one different animal every half year. Take a look on their website if you don’t believe it.
  • Volt: This Gastro bar is a popular spot so don’t forget to make reservations. Try a gin & tonic and enjoy the food.
  • Mr. Porter: A steak restaurant at the W Hotel that serves outstanding creations. If you are a meat lover, you will leave the place happy.
  • De Kas: This restaurant is located in a vintage greenhouse and is mentioned in many blogs about restaurants in Amsterdam and therefore very trending in the Netherlands. Vegetable lovers need to visit this hotspot.
  • Café Loetje: Loetje is famous for its delicious steaks, served with white bread and fries. They are a chain of restaurants established 40 years ago. Their employees will give you one of best eating experiences in whole Amsterdam.

Popular restaurants in Amsterdam centrum

Wondering where to go out for dinner and which restaurants in Amsterdam city centre are worth visiting? This are the ten restaurants in Amsterdam centrum where you must have dinner at least once.

  • De Luwte: Looking for a romantic restaurant in Amsterdam? This dining spot is really cozy and you will find a modern Mediterranean cuisine.
  • Toscanini: Located in the Jordaan, this restaurant in Amsterdam serves Italian cuisine. The interior has a big open kitchen where you can see how your meal is being prepared.
  • Koevoet: Another Italian restaurant in Amsterdam central. However, you will not find pizzas on the menu here. You can order tasteful anti-pasti, meat and fish dishes.
  • Salmuera: Are you looking for Argentine cuisine with a slightly modern twist? Meat and fish lovers will love this spot! The food comes from straight the grill or out of the ceviche bar.
  • Choux: Situated close to Amsterdam central station, this place offers delicious dishes. Not many restaurants in Amsterdam have menu suggestions that are delightfull. The menu at Choux changes regularly and always offers seasonal ingredients.
  • Mos: If you want to have dinner and look out over the Ij, go to Mos. This spoth as been renovated and looks incredible. Reviews of restaurants in Amsterdam says that the interior is inspired by elements from Marrakech and Paris.
  • Wilde Zwijnen: For great seafood, meat and even vegetarian dishes you should visit this restaurant. It has even two restaurants in Amsterdam centre, Eetbar Wilde Zwijnen is their little brother. Even though the interior is quite industrial, the atmosphere is still very cozy.
  • The Duchess: This restaurant has been awarded one Michelin star and is located at the W Hotel. It looks and feels very fancy with its high ceilings and gold and marble elements.
  • The Roast Room: Meat lovers go to The Roast Room. This place definitely belongs in Amsterdam its restaurant guide list, since you can order delicious steaks from the butcher shop here. The butcher is located in the middle of the Roast Bar.
  • Venus & Adonis: This is also a steak restaurant and very popular because of its “Surf & Turf” dish. Go and try the tiger prawns, langouste and steak for yourself.
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