Red Light District Tour Amsterdam

Red Light District Tour Amsterdam

The Red Light District in Amsterdam is a world famous area which is known for the many red-lit windows, from which prostitutes try to lure their customers inside. This is difficult for tourists to imagine… that window prostitution is permitted in the Netherlands. Therefor, for most visitors, a walking Red Light District Tour Amsterdam is a must. In Dutch, the red light district is called “De Wallen”. This name refers to the old burgwallen around old Amsterdam. The red-light district concentrates around the northern part of the Oudezijds Achterburgwal and Oudezijds Voorburgwal.

Located in the city center of Amsterdam

The Red Light District is located deep in the center of Amsterdam, near Amsterdam Central Station, in the oldest part of the city. Here are, in total 288 windows in 89 buildings spread over 17 different streets, canals and alleys. Also, around 400 prostitutes work in the Red Light District every day.

Red Light District Tour Amsterdam

The best way to discover this area is by booking a walking tour. By taking a walking tour through this very popular area, you will get to know a lot about the area. Also, by walking through the streets of the Amsterdam Red Light District you can admire the beautiful architecture. And… behind the illuminated windows you can see the prostitutes. Therefore, this area leaves nothing to the imagination. Yet the area is safe and accessible to everyone. That means that you will find both women and men, young and old, couples and groups of friends there!

Red Light District Amsterdam

In addition to window prostitutes, there are sex theaters in the Red Light District, a cannabis museum and also many coffee shops where legal soft drugs are sold. When you join a walking tour through the Red Light District, you will gain insight into the city’s liberal sex industry and you will discover the city’s thriving café culture.

Red Light District: many guided tours in Amsterdam

There are many guided walking tours through this district, so you will definitely find one to your preference. Interested in visiting a museum of prostitution to find out even more? Click here!

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