24 hours computer service at your home

24 hours computer service at your home

Due to corona, a lot of people work at home, we have been asked if we can come to people’s homes during this period, that’s why we expanded our services with home help or business help 24-hour service, now that people often work at night Due to corona that the clubs and discotheques are closed, there is much more need for direct help, we are currently the only company in the Netherlands that can actually deliver this we can deliver to your home or to you in the following regions within an hour work, that can be day and night we are currently open 24 hours.

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North Holland






For the other regions, you can simply make an application, but it may take longer and the call-out costs are higher.

So if your computer is slow, or if you have hardware problems, your computer no longer starts up, or if you need computer parts, our technicians can solve all your problems.

Our starting rates start at 165 euros and if you need new parts, we will inform you immediately. You can pay us online or pin it at the door at one of our specialists.

The price we use is a minimum of 165 Euro, we guarantee that your problem will be solved! Check on www.jwebsolutions.nl/service-en-onderhoud/

for more info.

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