Opening hours

Opening Hours

When shopping in Amsterdam, one thing that might surprise you at first is the opening hours of shopping venues. While many venues are open extremely early, some might not be open as early as you might have intended. Go to the city centre, though, and you can find all manner of stores open at all times, even on Sundays and during holiday seasons. Typically, though, the kind of times that you can expect when looking at Amsterdam shopping hours will be:

  • Most weekdays from 10AM-8PM for shops.
  • Thursdays are late shopping hours in Amsterdam, meaning they are open from 10AM-9PM.
  • Fridays and Saturdays are often around 10AM-6PM depending on the requirement.
  • Sundays will see 12PM-6PM timelines most commonly, though this can change.

During the holiday seasons, you will find that times change per store – so we recommend that you take the time to contact any stores you might wish to visit during a holiday season. The Dutch public holiday calendars will also give you a good idea of why, and when, stores might be closed. All stores close at 7PM, regardless, on:

  • Good Friday (March 30th).
  • Remembrance Day (May 4th).
  • Christmas Eve (December 24th).

Enjoy your shopping!

Shopping Locations

As a city of amazing opportunity and class, few locations make it easier for you to do your shopping than Amsterdam. With the help of this tremendous city, you can enjoy shopping in locations that offer you delicacies in terms of food, amazing gifts for others and must-have items for your own collection. So, where are some of the best shopping areas in Amsterdam?

P.C. Hooftstraat

A popular shopping street, this is the place of choice for those looking for upmarket items and goods. A fine choice for anyone looking for some exclusive shopping, with top names like Louis Vuitton, Ralph Lauren and DKNY all in the one place. Perfect for fashion lovers and trendy types.

De Bijenkorf

The biggest and most popular department store in the city De Bijenkorf is well worth your time when you need something different from the norm. It’s got something for everyone, and offers you plenty of shops to check out that cover just about every brand you have (n)ever heard of.

The Kalverstraat

A popular choice to check out when you want some quality clothing is that of the Kalverstraat; you’ll find some proper European shops like that you find in most major cities; Mexx, Zara and the like. Well worth your time if you want to shop around at some classic locales.

The Beetohvenstraat

A must-visit for anyone who loves their fragrances and is in the city of Amsterdam to pick up some of their exclusive fashion items, mostly held in this street.

The Nine Streets

Another good choice is that of The Nine Streets; a set of nine narrow little streets that offer all manner of awesome items to pick up. From old school art galleries to classic cafes, you will find something for everyone in this amazing little locale.

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