Best Breakfast places Amsterdam

Best Breakfast places Amsterdam

Looking for the best breakfast places in Amsterdam? Here is a top 10!

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. In Amsterdam you can find many good places to have the first meal of the day. Are you out of options or you just have no idea where to go for a descent breakfast? Below you can find a top 10 of the best breakfast places in Amsterdam.

  • Bar Spek: This means “Bacon Bar” in English and here you can also eat for lunch and dinner. Enjoy some really good pancakes and other healthy options.
  • Dr. Blend: This healthy hotspot is getting more and more famous every day. If you want to order a healthy and biological meal, this is your go-to. Did you know that you can choose between 40 different juices and smoothies?
  • Yoghurt Barn: At this chain restaurant you can create your own yoghurt with different kinds of toppings. Think of nuts, brownie, fruits and the like. You can choose between goat milk yoghurt, soy yoghurt, a healthier yoghurt or one that is creamier and contains more fat. If you are not able to decide what to pick, they have a few options set up like the ‘Brownie Bango’. Yoghurt Barn is one of Amsterdam its best breakfast places.
  • CT Coffee & Coconuts: Do you want to sip water out of a fresh coconut? That is possible at this eatery. It is located in a former cinema and the atmosphere is very laidback. Here you can order avocado on toast or coconut pancakes for breakfast.
  • De bakkerswinkel: If you are seaking for a cozy restaurant to have breakfast, go to De Bakkerswinkel. This is definitely one of the best breakfast places in Amsterdam. Here they bake fresh breads and cakes and they also serve omelettes and yoghurt to get your day started.
  • Toos & roos: Located in the Nine Streets shopping area, you can find Toos & Roos. It is a tiny and cute restaurant where you can order the best pumpkin soup in town. The staff is very friendly and offers a fast service.
  • MOOK pancakes: If you are a pancake lover, this is the right place for you. It is not a typical Dutch pancake restaurant. Here you can choose between sweet and savory pancakes, they are all delicious. Boys can try the mancakes, they will not be disappointed as the portions are massive.
  • Omelegg: Do you like eggs? Make sure to visit this place in the Pijp or in the city centre. Here you can choose between lots of omelette options. The staff is very friendly and the atmosphere is nice. It’s a tiny place so you might have to wait for a table, or go early in the morning to get seated right away.
  • Le Pain Quotidien: This restaurant serves nice dishes that are nicely presented. Le Pain Quotidien also has a really good atmosphere and friendly staff. It is really a lively and lovely spot for breakfast. If you want a healthy meal and fresh orange juice, you are at the right address.
  • Bagels & Beans: Here you can order coffee, breakfast, lunch or even brunch. Bagels & Beans is a chain restaurant and you can find many restaurants in Amsterdam. They serve great bagel sandwiches and fresh juices. You can also order, gluten-, lactose- and sugar-free bagels.
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