Chinese New Year 2019

Chinese New Year 2019

The Chinese New Year, or the “Lunar New Year/Spring Festival” as it’s called on other Asia countries, is the most widely celebrated tradition in Asia. The date of the Chinese New Year varies each year depending on the traditional Chinese lunar calendar. This year it will be celebrated on February 5th. This festival is also celebrated in other countries by its Chinese inhabitants. Also various foreigners have been known to participate in the festivities as well!

The legend

There is a interesting legend about the Chinese New Year. Centuries
ago, an angry monster destroyed a town in China on a winter night. The next year
he returned and again destroyed the village. To avoid the more damage, the inhabitants made up a plan to scare the monster off. They hung red banners, because they believed the red color protected them against evil. Also they believed that lighting firecrackers could scare him off. Their plan succeeded and the celebration of joy lasted for several days. Villagers visited each other, gave each other gifts and enjoyed nice food.


People nowadays involve a number of rituals. Prior to Chinese New year, people clean their houses and place traditional New Year’s decorations. People often visit family, lighting fireworks and plan for the coming year.

Experience Chinese New Year 2019 on February 5th!

Want to visit Chinese New Year in Amsterdam? As Chinese New Year is usually a time for people to visit the temple, you can consider visiting the Buddhist temple Fo Guang Shan He Hua at the Zeedijk in Amsterdam. Festivities in Amsterdam include a fireworks show, dragon dances and lots of Asian food! Hungry? Go eat at the Sea Palace (a popular and Europe’s first floating Chinese restaurant). Also there are a lot Chinese restaurants along the Stormsteeg and Geldersekade.

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