Body Worlds

  • See how your everyday choices impact the body and mind
  • Over 200 anatomical specimens of real human bodies
  • Do the InBody scan and learn how healthy you truly are
  • Get inspired to live a happy healthy life
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Availability : whole year
Min Age : Open to All

Tour description

The human body is truly a wonderful thing, but it can be so hard to understand. Thankfully, solutions such as the Body Worlds exhibit in Amsterdam should give you a lot of the answers that you seek. The information that you can find here will ensure that you can spend more time learning about the body, and less time having questions you cannot find an answer to! With the displays available, you can learn about the human body in an up-close-and-personal way that you simply could not in other forms of education. It’s all about helping you to see the human body and the anatomy of our bodies in a way that simply would not be possible normally. It’s for this reason that we can expect Body Worlds to offer you the perfect educational tour. Each part of the tour is thrillingly educational, with nothing held back or limited. This allows you to learn about the body and the mind in a way that you simply would never have done so normally. That is why for many Amsterdam visitors, a trip to Body Worlds is so important. You will get to enjoy an educational experience that is fun, thrilling, and leaves nothing to the imagination. Sound like what you need? Then try it out for yourself today: you won’t regret it one bit. A fine example of what we can learn in a museum location, with so much information and education waiting for you to pick up; now, you will know more about the human body than ever before!

Additional Information

  • Opening Times
    Body Worlds is open from 9AM each day, and will close at 8PM each night. On a Saturday, it opens at 9AM, and stays open until 10PM. On public holidays, the hours are 9AM-10PM.
  • Pricing
    Children will pay €11.00.
    Adults will pay €19.00.
    Your ticket is an open ticket, so this means that you can come in as and when you please. This includes fast-track admission inside, as well as free in-body measurements provided inside by the staff. This may be part of a special offer ticket, so be sure to check this closer before entering.